Charlie Sheen Your Website

Charlie Sheen your website

Most folk would say, Don't Charlie Sheen Your Website, but the question to them is: How would you fight back?

What does Charlie Sheen your website mean? My website is my full time business or company for which I work and I cannot afford to monkey around. My opinion, I was wearing a white hat when I was banned from a popular search engine. So to me it was not worth it. If you have a hobby website and you want to experiment then feel free to (I still don’t).

My website has been banned from quite a few search engines over the past five years and for each, I am deadset and determined to rebuild; accept I would be crazy to rebuild the same way. So I chose a more human and honest approach to website building and I am keeping the same old website. Notice, I do not have Google ads?

Some think Charlie Sheen has officially lost his mind. His downward spiral in the public eye began a few weeks ago with bizarre television and media interviews. “tiger blood”, “goddesses”, the media, the public and a World Record for fastest Twitter account to reach one million followers...that says it all right there. Had it not been for all that media attention Charlie just might still have his job.

Most times, a quick rise to popularity also results in a quick downfall. You say there is a black hat and white hat approach to search engines? What about that approach to life?

Charlie wanted the world to know how he felt about the fact that his hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men” had been canceled for the remainder of the season. He went on a full force media blitz to get the attention he wanted. While it certainly got him noticed and sparked lots of interest in the beginning, his bizarre behavior quickly became annoying and sad. Black hat SEO tactics like buying links or being involved in link exchanges might look appealing because they could result in some quick search engine results page rankings, but much like Charlie Sheen’s popularity, those rankings will not last long. Black hat tactics only create rankings for the short term.

Bad behavior, "crazy antics", “black and white hat SEO” all result in penalties. Piss off the SE, which is very easy to do, and they will drop you like a hot potato. Then, why does not most folk live that way? Search engines do not care whether you eat or not, but they do care that they have the power to help make or break you. So, why would you hobble a man? I wrote this article the other day: Gang lifestyle.

What is a good website without good search engine results page ranking? Not much. SEO should be a slow, steady process, not an all out media blitz. It’s all about establishing trust with the search engines and building quality links over time. If it’s all done at once, it’s considered spammy. It might take awhile to find success, but it’s certainly worth the wait. I agree whole-heartedly, but do search engines agree? They are working as hard and fast as they can to stay or get on top. It is a dog eat dog world. They will punish you and in the next phase they will be sucking you, bad credit and no credit. None of us could survive if it was not for the people and the people are most important, not search engines or the powers to be.

Do you really have a choice and can you afford that? No and if you want anything in this life you have to fight for it. Who would be President if they did not fight for it? Search engines are just as guilty of black hat tactics, if not more so, as the websites they serve. They are only going to do what is profitable for them. My website is not perfect, but it is damn good, but if you are not a celebrity, who cares? I am fighting back the best way I know how. I deserve and need the essentials of life just like any other, if not more so.

Websites engaging in black hat tactics sometimes receive penalties so large they have to start an entirely new website to try and build up a search engine presence again. Sounds like another “black hat tactic” to me, again hobbling a man.

If Charlie Sheen has any sense left, he’d be wise to try and rebuild his image as well. The thing here is, unlike websites, humans just cannot go get a new body once “the powers to be” tarnishes your reputation. It is very hard to separate your dispute with them from the people with whom you have no dispute because people decide and people are quick to jump on the band wagon of drama. And guess what,,,the media strives off good drama.

However, no matter how hard he tries, his antics will never be forgotten. Rebuilding isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible. Think about the image of other stars that have gone “crazy” like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. They will never be viewed the same way ever again. The moral of the story is this: if you engage in bad SEO you will never be “winning”. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but atleast he did not result to violence.

Who are most folk?

Art says; Charlie Sheen Your website! Think about our country, would our economy be in such disarray had we practiced good search engine optimization, white hat tactics? Charlie Sheen is just trying to do the best he can, given the environment he is in. I think that is a good thing. Granted there are some personal issues involved, but who does not have them and most have even more despicable issues than Mr. Sheen’s? What about Preists? No matter what, “Be true to yourself”. How would you fight back?

Born Small... Now Huge... Winning... Bring it..! (unemployed winner...)-- Charlie on tweeter!

(((your inner

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