To what advantage is the ability to compromise? What kind of people does it take to reach compromise?

Could two stupids reach compromise? Could a stupid and a smart reach a compromise?

I went to a small, predominantly white military private Junior College, in Georgia 1969 and I was Black? It did not make a difference to me, while I was too naive to know any better. I do not know what I learned and graduated on academic probation. However, being that it was tuition without assistance, from 1969 to 1976 and it wasn’t a secret how hard I was working or my family’s financial situation, do you not reckon my school could have compromised the probation? Were they wiser, smarter even though they thought they were right?

Here we go! But all because of my presence the school’s history changed. They used to hold the school’s annual athletic banquets at the local Country Club, until I came. Compromise? Why not, what was going on there so good?

Today that tells me, my school and local officials, would rather compromise their own integrity; duty, honor, country, than stand for human rights. Then all is lost.

Is not a compromise what is reached during disagreements or do you just say okay and walk away? Compromise is when neither party gets all they want, but for the good of the whole, they are willing to make a compromise.

Does not mean they agree, but that they agree to honorably disagree so that the job gets done. They find a position between two extremes that both parties are willing to live with even if the result is not what each wanted. What good is a compromise when both parties get nothing? Logic, is that a reason to compromise?

So if you just say to hell with it like my school did, give in and turn your head the other way, is that a compromise? Or have you become an enabler, apart of the bigger problem? Are you saying one thing and doing another?

Though I was academically challenged at that school, I did learn how stupid that looks and feels? How can you reason with a man that is not willing to reason, compromise? Well, if you are going to do that, then we are going to do this? We will not accept rejection just because one person is black. Why not consent with parents? Why not make the real issue known? Why try and disguise it?

Now we have all these stupid signs up? See why failing to adjust your own stupidity just goes on and on? And I am sure there is somebody saying, it was those times! That does not make you any wiser and Two wrongs do not make a right.

The next time I was introduced to the word "compromise", which I took to be the same, somebody brought it to my attention, that I had left a document classified SECRET unattended on a desk – Security compromise, loss of accountability! Anybody could have gotten or read that document. It did not take me long to learn about all the ways to avoid another compromise.

Though the words are the same, but at the same they are a little different, in this way they mean the same – to compromise the integrity of.

So when there is no middle ground to be found or you fail to reach a compromise, you compromise the integrity of whatever it is you want to do.

In this case, it was the school I attended. It takes two very wise beings to reach compromise.

War compromises the integrity of all living things.

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