Let the stealer steal no more.

What does a life of crime yield? SIGNIFICANCE.

I not talking about the little petty stuff we do by accident. I am talking about criminals who swindle thousands out of thousands or more. You see people with all the luxuries of life, hummm, kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? They have the latest and the most expensive houses, cars, boats, jewelry, planes, toys,,,junk? You would think they are suffering for nothing!

It seems all of that would be a red flag! Looks like they would stick out like a sore thumb, like a blue collar worker hanging around in an affluent neighborhood?

How do they make so much money so fast? Do they see everyone as their target? What about their intimidation tactics and secretive lifestyles? What is it about being rich? The more money you get, the more you want.

Greed, why would one person or any group of people want to own 660 restaurants, all of the same kind? Reckon they are trying to monopolize the market? What are the consequences of doing that -- the biggest, the best? I guess it depends on who you are asking? What happens to the inclination to share? Do they realize how big big is or how much better must one be to be the best? Doing with his hands what is good work?

I know somebody is saying there is nothing wrong with being rich and I agree. But there is something wrong when you feel you have to cheat and swindle people in order to make a living. There is something wrong when you cannot police yourself. There is something wrong when a few people own everything worth having. Just look at our economy, it is just one crisis after the next, all caused by greedy people. Why do we do things knowing others must suffer for your negligence? How can that type of attitude profit a people?

Mass media has made crime a thing of interest. They say, that's what sells. Why should we sell something that's no good for human behavior?

Does crime pay? Most Criminals Are Not Caught or Convicted. Are you just thinking of yourself? Why don't we promote crime? They say there's a sucker born every day, are we all suckers? Well, we are all suffering? We talk about lazy people, but what about white collar crimes, many of which are repeat offenders, the criminal elite, which include corrupt cops and paid-off politicians. You are damn good at what you do, and you do it with style-- insurance, mortgages, health care, utilities, government and the list goes on. You may not get caught but you and those around you will suffer. There goes the neighborhood, the economy and the people. What has happened to the quality of our products and services?

You tell me about credit scores, work ethics and dead beat dads, that I do not know how to handle my business, but just look at the difference. You are an obsessive compulsory freak, who will not do anything unless it profits you.

Never mind getting caught, suffering is the cost of crime and suffering is how crime pays. Let the stealer steal no more, but rather do hard work, doing with his hands what is good work.

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