Cruel and Abusive American perpetrators


While you did nothing, who took care of your children, cleaned you houses, washed and ironed your clothes, did whatever you didn't, all for FREE? YOu know!

Who am I? Had you known it was going to be this way today, would you have picked that cotton yourself?

Where is the love for which I search? Richer or poorer, for which are you? In which class are you? Who are the perpetrators of all this cruelty and abuse America?

Americans have had the greatest opportunity to do great things with this land, people and resources, but in every case, has opted otherwise. The crazy thing about this all is immigrant Americans, who made themselves King, hold themselves in the highest of esteem and want to dictate to Native Americans, victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, people who do not look like them and to the world, how to live.

Well, who are the non-Americans? They are the people we commonly refer to as the founding fathers of this GREAT country. The problem with that is they did just the opposite. Instead of showing respect for this great country, land, people and resources, which was truly great when they arrived, they’ve destroyed all of it, in their evil ways.

Who are the great perpetrators, whose responsible for all the cruelty and abuse today? It is the White man and the White Woman. This is the “greatest group in denial”. These are the last people to take full responsibility for their own self-righteous actions. I won’t talk about the white today, but I will talk about the white woman.

White women were and still are the greatest perpetrators of the cruel and abuse existing in America today. The sleep with the enemy, sided with the enemy, defend the enemy, do the dirty work of the enemy, yet they feel victimized by the very same evil system they helped to create.

Why would you support a system that treats you like a second class citizen? White woman has every excuse in the book to blame, other than their own “post turtle” selves. The biggest of which is fear of the enemy with whom they sleep. The next was and still is greed. The next is “denial”. White women were and still are some of the most hypocritical beings on the planet. Without a shadow of doubt, White Women are the most racially prejudice people on the planet – visit my town.

Will you change? No sense of responsibility or remorse and even a greater sense of denial,,,Probably not on their own accord, but change will have the last word. So the love, the peace and harmony for which White Women are seeking and that seems to escape this society was destroyed by themselves.

Where is the love for which you seek? True freedom, you have ruined every aspect. You’ve allowed all your excuses to stand in your way.

To move beyond any standstill, I remember the Truth of my existence. Free from your restraints, and "your marriage is a restraint", I break the chains binding me and am FREE to greater understanding.

(((your inner

Cruel and abusive Americans

Who are the evil people in America 2011

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