Depression, a serial killer

In fits of anger we will depress you to death? We spend a lot more time depressing each other than we do encouraging happiness and peace of mind.

And I thought I was full of it? A little depression is normal, but a little can lead to major/intense/clinical depression and those are the types of depression about which I am writing.

Today, who killed who or caused who to be killed? Which tool did they use, weapons or lips? How many people do credit reports kill annually? What about political parties, religions, communities - we are "all" neighbors? Just to make the need to survive a lot easier?

Convicted serial killers by country . Somehow, I feel there is a close connection and it looks like the United States of America is not at the top of the list. That’s a good thing!

Now, we can help those who are. So how do we get started? Do we send cases of depression medications?

Understand depression.

Depression is the serial killer of all serial killers, the terrorist of all terrorist! Symptoms of depression include intense feelings of sadness, hopeless, worthless, or pessimistic. Not only does depression affect the victim, depression significantly affects the victim’s family, personal relationships, work, school life, sleeping, eating habits, and general health, the whole person concept. In a nutshell, depression is negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


That’s why it’s so important to take action early to bust yourself and everyone else out of a slump. Depression is a serious illness that requires dedicated help to help you manage it. Is that another reason we need each other? The people around whom you surround yourself is also a key. One of the best ways to treat depression is to Interact with nature. The next is logic and common sense.




Depression hurts. Killing someone who has no fear?

(((your inner

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