Rivalry between Siblings

It is a damn shame when you see sisters and bothers destroying each other.

When you see family members literally fighting each other, it is disturbing, unsetting, hopeless....

The Rivalry between siblings. It is a very dangerous and abusive issue to address. There are truths we all must face. Sometimes you must put a little distance in to get a better sense of appreciation for family members.

How do you come together when every family member is fighting each other? What happens when one sibling feels they are entitled to control everything? What happens when that sibling is going through everybody else’s stuff? What happens when one sibling feels the right to do all of this because of most recent experiences? What happens when you were raised (((not))) to work together?

How do you heal all these open sores and find common ground, upon which to build?

I’m grown and I do what I want? You stole this and that? You didn’t do this and that? The rivalry between siblings continues to escalate.

Working with family member must prevail, but how do you rid yourself of all the negativity, to allow us to work together?

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