Diversity in Acceptance

The correlation factor?

Why do people hate people just because they are different? Learn on what we are missing out?

I cannot see how we came up with this race thing and all these other double standards, why? Was it best for consensus and compromise?

Does a man hate one part of his body because it is different? Does he hate it because it has a different function? Will a man cut off his left arm because it is different from his right? Will he see his arm as inferior to his purpose in life or as it is helpful? Will he rebel against the differences he sees in life? Will he see one as ugly and one as pretty, good and bad? Will a man see himself as being better than himself? Why and what good will that do?

Each "one of us" is unique, different and not one of us can help that difference. It's that difference that makes for diverse groups of all the same.

Diversity in Family and crime, what do you do with the son who has committed a serious crime? Our jails are overflowing, our system of justice is overwhelmed due to bottle necks in our systems. Does this indicate we going backwards or forward in our rehabilitation process? People must work for a living?

I accept diversity in every form, belief, custom and practice as seeds of the same fruit, as leaves of the same tree, as blades of grass of the same field and as a unique part of the whole of the world, no matter how it got here.

I am helpful and understanding, capable of assisting anyone I meet in understanding. We learn a lot from each other and we learn from our mistakes. Each generation gets better.

The whole concept: the whole body, the whole person and the whole world. We have learned the correlation between everything in the world and all we need to do is use it. How much easier and simple does it get? We need all those differences. Diversity brings new information. And that new information is valuable. The best collective decisions are the result of freedom to disagree.

I must first accept the difference in me before I can accept the difference in others and I practice that acceptance all day long.

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