Do You Believe in Yourself

Are you really living or are you settling for less? Is that less than surviving?

Are we going forward of backwards?

Some people die early because they have too short of a “want list”. You are talking about economic and social decline, which equals a decline in will power.

I was talking to an older lady today and she told me, that your finances pretty much dictate your style of living. Said she’d never make it to Africa in this life time and there was a whole bunch more things, she’d never do. So when do you actually run out of steam?

You know I thought about that, how poor life would be if I thought like that. How could I even have the courage to peck on this keyboard? How could I not see how behind we are, even though you say you have everything you wanted, which I know is not true. Just look how behind we are economically and socially? What does that say about our accomplishments today and in the future? I thinking of the Harriet Tubmans, Beah Richards and the others who overcame great challenges, not just this little shit we take credit for surviving.

My hopes and dreams on this earth are no larger than what’s in my pockets. Which would mean my dreaming of being rich or miracle healing would be out of the question, because my pockets are empty, age, health... any excuse is better than none. I don’t know, but I played sports. I listened to others who had done some of the things I wanted to do and they never talked like that. Every one of them said, “Keep moving forward”, “keep good things before you”, “you may not get there but it will not be because for whatever reasons you stopped trying”.

My question to you is, Do you believe in yourself?

When you ask that question most would say, yes, Butt. The thing is how much time and effort are you willing to put forth to make your dreams come true. Would it be just enough to pay off your house? Would the same effort you put forth to pay off your house be more than the effort you needed to put forth to pay yours, your children’s and grand children?

Economic and social growth, money and social skills, where are they if they do not extend beyond your yard?

I guess that depends on who’s on your list. We want miracles to happen, but we’re working and praying for peanuts. In with the same amount of time and effort, you could have added another person to your list. Handicapped people even prosper better.

To live a long prosperous life, you need a strong incentive, otherwise; you will soon find yourself not having the will to get over the next hill. When that happens, it is even harder to get back your energy. You need a strong will to live. Live with a purpose.

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“Don’t Create What You Don’t Want”

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