Does your religion really matter


People were saying how unhealthy it was not to be saved? Saved from what?

Religous wars, disputes, arguments, criticism, why all the hype if you are not a Chistian?

Does your religion really matter? What about your religious preferences?

Why can’t people just tell the truth – Live and let live?

Why do we put so much emphasis on religious preferences? We’re still not selling alcohol on Sundays, what does that mean? Well, we’ve got the laws so twisted nobody knows. What about Casinos, boot leggers’?

Does it really matter whether you sell alcohol on Sunday or would it be better to forbid the sale of fire arms? If you think it’s taboo to purchase alcohol Sundays, why not close all the stores? Why not make Sundays a day of rest like it used to be? What changed?

I think on all the alcohol given to subdue Native Americans and now they are prone to alcoholism, who’s to blame? You get kind of tired of hearing from Sinners all about how you are going to hell if you don't believe in Jesus Christ?

You look at their silly asses and wonder what boat did they fall off of? Planks and specs in the eye, don't they see theirs? How can you take good sound advice from someone, who's trying to convince you to jump over in the same "damned pot" as they are?

Think about that for a moment? What religous group screwed up and still screwing up this country? I mean literally? Would you join them to help or to turn things around? Do Christian really see the error of their ways?

Does religion really make a difference? Do you know that Christians initiated two of the world’s most violent inhumane acts in order to take control of America? Yet, have they stopped lying about them?

Are we excused, is it a joke or what? Can you go to heaven with any hatred in your heart?

So Christian, Muslim, Jew…, where do you find the best people? Are Americans the best example of a people who practice Human Rights or are we just the best you know?

Are we really making progress or are we lying to everyone? What about light and dark skinned people? Do we really stand a chance?

Why can’t people just tell the truth – Live and let live? Instead, why have we made life and living so complicated, yet telling ourselves its better? What about Human Rights?

Religion does not matter but faith does.

(((your inner

People will mess you up?

Hate the color of your skin?

Doing what you want?

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