Empty Living

Wandering and Wondering, Boredom. Is there something very important to you missing?

Do you actually know what that is? Trash and treasure?

You are grateful, appreciative, Thankful, it is something you wake-up to. You are here, but somehow, you are in a place where you know you are not supposed to be? All the things happening around you just does not make sense? Why would anyone actually waste time doing them?

It is as depressing as hell. You fill your mornings with your favorite beverage, wanderings and preparing for work. All your dreams are but a wonder away. Your world is full of negative gossip about your next door neighbor. That’s not enough, so you turn on TV to get even more gossip. Your life is like cows in a pasture - Domestic? Not even the doctors can help you because your life is so limited. Day in and day out, this has come to be the lifestyle you have accepted. Trash!

There is an important element missing? Are you alone, is that meant to be? Are there people out there who would enjoy your company? They need whatever it is that you have in abundance. They would appreciate just the crumbs from your table. Excitement, joy, energy, catch up with your peers, take on your responsibilities; all without a word being said. All of this knowing life did not stop while you were resting. Insomnia is a thing of the past. Now, your life is full, rewarding and awarding. Everything you ever wanted is right there before you, with like minded individuals.

You have managed to eradicate all the seven sins. People are being people and you are included. Treasure!

That is what happened when I was adopted. Once you realize the pieces missing, you can better put together the puzzle. One man's trash is another's treasure.

You have got family but they treat you like a nobody - seven deadly sins. They do not communicate with you.

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