ExSenator Robert Brown Declares War on Crime in Macon

NOW!!! The City of Macon Declares War on ExSenator Robert Brown and here is why.

Where is Art?

This is not a personal attack, but a political attack and strategy aimed to destroy all.

    As a Mayoral Candidate, these are the lies Mr. Brown is telling to further divide a people and their vote:

  • detailed plans?

  • to stop illegal alcohol sales from so-called shot houses and to rid the city of gangs and prostitutes?

  • promised to rid the city of all gangs and street prostitutes in two years?

    To accomplish his goals, ExSenator Brown said he would solicit help from people in the community and seek help from other law enforcement agencies, including the sheriff's department and state and federal resources.

  • Brown said he would add 50 officers to the Macon Police Department who would be used to help bring crime under control?

Summary: I find that very offensive and hope he will apologize for such a vicious statement and attack. The question is, Is ExSenator Robert Brown declaring war on crime in Macon or acknowledging the street life to which he is accustom-- "sexual trysts"? As a Georgia State Senator, why was not Mr. Brown as passionate and concerned about declaring war on crime in the state of Georgia? How can ExSenator Brown seek election by abusing and harassing the very same people, in the very same community, in which he wants to destroy?

Adding 50 officers to the Macon Police Department, when the city budget is right now, A BIG FAT ZERO? To bring about control for who, the people or his candidacy? Why use physical force to combat violence and crime? What are you saying? It costs roughly $35,000 a year to hire one policeman and if 50 was hired, that would be $1,750,000.00 and if by some “FAT CHANCE” you did acquire this kind of money, are not there much more important areas to spend it, like on the people? If anything, cleanup the police department we already have. How many times would you hire 50 more policemen? This problem will not go away by further harassing and beating down “an already beat down people”; and adding more policemen to finish them off, but by empowering the poor people, thereby minimizing crime and poverty. These are the grassroots. These are the people who really need help. What is Mr. Brown doing for the wealthy?

Seeking federal grants,,,Check is in the mail! What kind of programs is he cutting out? Talking about festivals and other non-departmental activities, does that include festivals like the Cherry Blossom Festival? Are you talking about cutting out current means the city of Macon use to generate revenue? Are you trying to kill Macon or help it thrive?

Every man in his right mind knows these issues are a result of poverty and a way of survival. All of them point to poor people, which is the smallest part of the bigger crime problem. All this would do is run things further underground.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against corruption of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

To the supporters of Robert Brown: Is this juvenile or what? How can any of them be better prepared than a Mayor who has “successfully served 8 years in the worst of times”? Vote for the best candidate “for all people”. What good would a Dave & Buster's Restaurant, Bar and Arcade for Family Fun, Parties, do for our economy when we so desperately need Jobs, Food, Clothing, Affordable housing, health care and Transportation? The more we can do for ourselves, the better off we are.

Do not be fooled by empty campaign promises, more corruption and cronyism. This election is less than 18 days away and counting. This is no play thing! Not just yours, but “Our” lives depend on it. We have a chance to make history a third time! Vote in the best Mayoral candidate! Every candidate cannot win this election and they understand that, but “the people can lose” and they do not care? Can you not see someone is encouraging Robert Brown and others Democrats to run so they may further divide an already divided people, which significantly increase the chances of the other guy winning? Vote for the candidate with the most experience! We and Mr. Brown himself have had enough of him as Senator and surely do not want him or anyone else as a rookie Mayor--Bad timing. Vote the best “man” for the job!

Why support such a fictitious and weak candidate and campaign, when a better choice is so obvious? Let us not be selfish, that is self-defeating. Vote because you want it back that way! How do we ever make positive change together supporting such nonsense? Use your head! Do not allow this opportunity to slip away? If other Democratic candidates were smart, they would do exactly that because there are NO REPUBLICAN OR PARTY OPPOSITION. Contention in the Democratic party, why cannot “they” choose amongst themselves the best party candidate? It is all about taking care of business.

Now, who is “the absolute best Mayoral candidate”? VOTE for C Jack Ellis, 2011 Mayor City of Macon, once and for all! Sign up, be organized and recognized! All for one and one for all. show your power and support. VOTE C Jack Ellis, Mayor City of Macon, 2011

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