Global Crime!

Global Cybercrime Global Crime, Global Fraud siphoning millions from American accounts!

What’s happening to you while you worry about what’s happening to them? In this economy you need to know.

A Paris court ordered! Germany not ID'ing! Chile president sees! NKorea media say! Russian hacker busted! What kind of ties do we have with our far way neighbors that demand these types of headlines?

Is it that foreigners who fled to this country are so interested in what’s going on back home, they need to be supplied this news? Is it because we are following diplomatic protocol? Is it because these people are able to steal tens of millions of dollars from small businesses, churches and hospitals in the U.S or is tens of billions of dollars per year? How, when I cannot even earn a dime?

An already financially over-burdened economy, how much can we afford to spend fighting drug wars, terrorism and now cybercrimes, before we hit rock bottom? Global financial crisis lessons learned? From where do these criminals get the technology and the know how? Are the people we hire to protect us ahead or behind the game?

Global fraud is the frustrating reality and with advancing technology, there is a huge market and a well-established infrastructure for these crimes, and it's still very rare for anyone to get arrested. When the attack comes from one country, the victim is in another and the stolen money is in a third, how do you solve the crime when every country has completely different laws? Safety and security in tracking and managing your financial transactions?

Human Rights, are we working together? How does your future look?

Cyber Crime Risk Heightened!!!

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