God is not

Why is your God, the God you call God, the God of this planet? What about the other planets?

Do you think they ever switch up? God is not who you say he is.Why can’t we agree on that?

You say he's not who I say he's not, but you expect me to respect he is who you say? Do you ever think about "how wrong you really are"? No because Art says it, but based on past experiences, so what makes you think? Then, what exactly is there to think about?

Is there any such thing as making a bad situation worse? Everybody else is wrong, but you are right? Are you telling Him about the problems YOU created and continue to create? Do you give him credit for already knowing? What do you thinks he sees and feels when he sees you down on your knees telling another lie?

Do you think you need to persuased him a little bit? Let him know you hadn't forgotten? Don't you think he already knows if he gave you any power, you would screw things up, just like you have screwed up your life? Or should I say, our lives? You have disturbed the peace and harmony of everything. You have mismanaged all the resources available to you. You have polluted everything entrusted to you. You even litter with the pages of you Bible.

What about all your graveyards, think about all the graveyards you covered up to make your own? Is not Mother Earth the mother for us all? Why all these special places, only you can afford to buy?

Is it normal a human right to pay for being born and dying?

Would it do for you to know? Would it do for any of us to know? What would you do if you actually knew who God is? Would you any better obey? So what good is it to know God but disobey God?

What name do you have for your God? Is he all our God?

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