Self Healing

if you knew, if you could, would you??? So how are we living?

What are you building? What is the Divine Order? Do you really allow Spirits to guide and inspire your thoughts, words and actions? Right now, the more we do, the less progress we make, why? For what are you preparing?

If you knew, if you could, would you??? I am a nobody in backwoods Georgia and most of the people I know, would rather "do meth" than learn anything about healing themselves? Why is that?

Most people would rather work like hell "paying ever increasing premiums" to earn the very dehabilitating benefits of going to doctors, employed by GIANT pharmaceutical labs. They would rather do that, than learn proper, tried and true techniques to help themselves heal. Most people would rather work like hell to get a job, than learn the proper techniques of growing your own.

I am watching all of this, trying to figure out where to fit in? Merry-Go-Round, when do I jump on? Rythm! What is real and what is fake?

We prefer to dress-up in our expensive looking, self-proclaimed sacred apparel, in which we are afraid to get dirty and spend a life time PRETENDING WE ARE SO IMPORTANT AND DOING SOMETHING SO GREAT! We make ourselves believe we are happier pretending to be what we are not. Is that faking it until you make it? Even with that we firmly believe we are smart enough to go from one extreme to other without losing our identities? What is happening on the inside?

What happens when a snake sheds his skin? Is it from the inside out or the outside in? What happens when a human sheds his clothes? We have gotten so good at it, it phases us not.

What does that tell you? The more we get, the more we lose. How does our future look? What was free and intended for the masses, out of conditioning, fear and convenience, we have given up to the elite minority. That is how we have become a very weak and dependent majority.

Would you like to have the responsibility of caring for a whole bunch of lazy, stupid people, who all they want to do is lay around and boast? We have no resistance and are most vulnerable to every little thing blowing in the wind. What are allergies?

Our lives are totally consumed with work and doctors that benefit us not. What is the life expectancy of a healthy adult? Did they survive, do we even have any more? Now, what is the life expectancy of a sick adult on drugs? The latter will prevail. We have given up working for ourselves and healthy eating, all for the opportunities to make a dollar. Now, tell me that is not stupid?

Do you understand why nobody wants to be around us and how we rose to become a world spectacle, I mean power? We are not a world power, but a bunch of sick minded pathetic individuals, riding the coat tails of a mighty few. The rest of the world avoids us like a serious plaque and would be better served by doing so. The goal is to live better together as a people, one individual not above another.

I am saying all of this to awaken that powerful spirit within you, while without we are all doomed. If I do not know and you do not know, then who knows? What happens when we cannot get to a doctor? Do our doctors travel with us? Can you expect someone, anyone to care more about you than you care for yourself?

How can a number one world power, consist of the most hypocrital people in the world? How can we be strong individuals avoiding the stuff we need and consuming the stuff we do not need?

Thoughts of wholeness, harmony, wisdom, abundance and peace, decently and in order, do they escape you/us? Then, why are they not fully established in our society, our world? Divine Order?

By now, I am a senior citizen and do not give a damn. I did manage to get on, NOW I AM HELPING YOU. JUMP NOW!

Do not know where to go or what to do? Maybe this will help: Celestial Blessings

(((your inner



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