Jobs paying USD 250 per hour

Art on 250 USD per hour jobs

Talk about cutting the wheat from the chaft?

How do you pay that, when you do not earn that?

What exactly is an Ecclesiastical lawyer? Would you help a poor person working to help themselves?

Risks, are you able to minimize risk, while capitalizing on the opportunity? How many risks do you take before you give up? Can we never forget the cruel and abusive treatment we have received from others? Do you forget the cruel and abusive treatment you caused others?

Some of us never do any wrong, let us tell it? Others have had so much wrong done to them, they do not want to do right. Then, there are those of us who are empowered and we just keep bouncing back.

Do you know an investment when you see one? Or is it as long as they can pay, you take the check? Cutting the wheat from the chaft, would you sacrifice today, for a bigger payday tomorrow? Or would you just say, I am charging everybody, wtf? We take great risk every day. What makes you any wiser today, than you were yesterday? Because you think you are, is that wise? Point, if we were so good in our investment opportunities, why is our economy and country like it is today?

We have a lot of foreigners in America, but do they really understand the economics of our economy and the ethical and moral responsibilities that comes with them? Or are they here just to live off the fat of the land?

Then, where do you go looking for answers? Would I go see another man? What if he told me, “Sorry Mr. Thomas I cannot help you”, unless you pay me $250 an hour? People are throwing those kind of numbers around like they ain’t nothing. Talking about me shocking my readers, someone charging me $250 an hour, shocks the hell out of me. Other than criminal activities, are they really worth that and how?

Sometimes, I wonder about Corporate America or is it just African-Americans? If you take African-Americans alone, how many African Americans, living in America makes $250 per hour? Most never make that in their life time. Are we in a recession or is it only Art? If you could afford to pay $250 dollars an hour, why would you pay that to someone who has proved nothing? I would not mind paying someone that kind of money, if they could show me my ROI. But would it be wise to hire someone who says they make $250 per hour, when you have seen nothing they have done? The strange thing about this all is, I have run into two people back to back talking $250 per hour kind of talk. Talk about shocking your audience? How can we get somewhere together.

Did not we learn a lesson from our auto makers? The more you pay employees, the more expensive their products or services. Isn’t that how you get to inflation? If someone paid you $250 per hour, then just what would they require you to do? How long will it take the job to get done and just what can you do? People who are seriously worth $250 an hour explain that well before they hit your pocket, of course unless they do not want your business.

Talk about strengthening your country, why should or would I trust anyone more than they are willing to trust me? Zero from zero equals zero? Nothing from nothing leaves nothing? Ecclesiastical lawyer, are you using biblical principles to justify outrageous fees? Be fore-warned! Were you out front when Jesus threw all the money changers out?

Why not make it so you get paid when I get paid or the job is complete? Say you have already had too many bad experiences? Now, just what does that tell you about our economy? What incentive do you have to work? Do you work better on a full or empty stomach?

Can you choose the best investment and take advantage of the right opportunities? Will they pay you first?

Is there great risk in receiving and giving? Some would say, it depends. Now, remove the middle man - Evil? If we never risk, we will never know.

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