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Chet Pauls Airgun Repair and Rufus McMillion

"Well there ain't No Use in complaining". "Complaining ain't going to change a thing." And we leave it at that. So our concerns go without being properly addressed.

This is so true, but instead of leaving it like that, do something about it. Do not complain, but share what you are going through. Get inspiration and help to weather the storm.

Acts of kindness enhances life!

Life is GREAT, if we are patient! I just came through two weeks of MEGA-Misery! Boy, did I have to do some fasting.

Today, I finished up two big projects I had never done before, never thought I would or could do. One major and one minor, and another I am working on. I will not bore you with all the others.

Minor: Target shooting with my Sheridan Pellet Rifle has been a very nice weekly hobby for me, over the past 4 to 5 years. About two weeks ago, that all came to a dead halt when my rifle failed to pump. So for the past two weeks, I was really disappointed, one of few the things I depend on and do for relaxation broke and I did not have a clue as to how to make the require repairs. Thoughts of purchasing a new rifle were already running through my mind. So I took a chance at taking my rifle apart and cleaning it. Not long afterwards, I checked for pumping and to my surprise, it pumped-up with no problems. Just like new! However, when I pulled the trigger, it would not fire. No clue to what I did wrong. So I "googled pellet rifle repair" and came upon this total stranger. Now, as you have read, my past two weeks were plagued with problems, no transportation, no money or knowledge and I needed the help of someone else. I know, in my town normally, good, dependable, professional, eager to help people, come with a good price; especially when I am short on money. This total stranger, so good, so kind, - knowledgeable, confident, patient, great communications and instructions; helped me find and solve my pellet rifle problems over the phone and it did not take him long. It did not take him long to determine I had put oil in the wrong hole and hand the two-ring barrel in bassAckwards. Thanks to Chet Pauls Airgun Repair, my Sheridan C9A pellet rifle pumps and shoots like new. I am feeling so inspired and indebted to him, I wanted to let him and everybody else know, so I am writing it. Have a problem with your Air Rifle, Call Chet! His company is presented with The Kindness Chain!

Chet Pauls Airgun Repair

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Chet Pauls Airgun Repair
Crosman Service Station, specializing in Crosman, Benjamin & Sheridan. Repair other brands including most spring piston models.

Sheridan C9A pellet rifle

Now, for my major problem, my auto, over the past two weeks was broke-down. One car, what a bummer! No transportation. Even stranger, I enjoy riding my bike. Well, guess what, the tires were low so I put air in them, only to find a hole in the tire. I went out and purchased a new tube, put it in and you know it, over-night it bust. So, to it, I threw my hands in the air. Back to my truck, a blown head gasket and cracked heads were suspected. Possibly, a cracked blocked! But the real problem was I was already overwhelmed with problems, so I thought - "no money" to pay for the work to be done. Of course, I could not do it because I never did it, and did not think I could or would ever like to do auto mechanic work, until one very good friend pitched in – Big Myles Nash Jones (BMNJ). After some discussion, we determined the heads needed to be removed and checked for cracks. And in the course of things, we needed to check the block for cracks. You are talking two, not so mechanically inclined older men doing all of that talking and expecting my truck to run great afterwards. Further, we had to Change the oil, clean everything and oh yeah! Replace a power steering hose? Keep in mine, the only mechanic tool I own is a $20 wrench set, I purchased to help maintain my lawnmowers. Hellooo!

Big Myles had a friend, who is quite mechanically inclined, so much so, till I thought, no way am I going to be able to afford this guy. Long story short, he offered to instruct me through this very involved process. I could only imagine how that would go, thoughts of us getting frustrated with each other and patience wearing thin and no shows. This was my only chance so I took it. Big Myles went into action. I mean we had a monster garage built and all the tools to do the job—compressor with air tools included. I could not believe I had all of this in my backyard. It was pretty impressive, like an emergency hospital.

His friend, the instructor started out great. How long would this last? So far, I was very impressed with how smooth and quick the tearing down of my engine was going. During his absence, I was inspired to do even more, plus extra cleaning. Before we started, under the hood of my truck was so dirty and greasy. I cleaned it all, while getting the parts to start putting the engine back together. The report revealed the heads were in fact cracked. This presented yet another dilemma. Where am I going to get a new set of heads and how am I going to pay? Long story short, between Big Myles and Rufus McMillion, the mechanic, the instructor, everything was provided. Rufus had to be good to be able to instruct a novice like myself. I can only imagine how aggravating I may have been. He hung right in there until the job was done. However, I do not think Rufus wants to be promoted in the mechanic business, but he is a great man for the job. So here is a "Shout Out" to his son: yungslauta1 Rufus also gets my vote for the The Kindness Chain .

On top of all that, as we were putting the finished touch on the engine, out of the blue, a Preacher, Pastor and friend Troy Moore came by just in time to bless the whole ordeal. What an end!

And to the others who pitched in to help me, YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED, for I am indebted to you.

Nobody does anything for nothing and these are some very tough economic times we are going through. Where is the HOPE? Do not know how long they will last, but with people like you, they will not last long. To all, "THANK YOU" for helping me keep my life on track! Thank you for having the courage to be you.

Engine together, Rufus McMillion Instructor

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