Larry GMC Alumni

Joe the Plumber and ...What is the difference between “Larry GMC Alumni” and “Joe the Carpenter”? Joe the Carpenter had common sense.

Larry, who identified himself as a fellow GMC alumni who wants to do something good in the name of the school, by sharing with me how dedicated he is and how much work he has already done.

First I thought this guy Larry had some common sense and was worthy of an intelligent conversation. But now, I know different when it comes to me.

Larry says everybody at GMC was discriminated against including Cubans, he and his friends thought my article was comical, that local GMC students are less productive than out of town students and he thought he wanted to meet with me, in order to straighten me out.

Now, I am not too sure about this guy Larry, to me, he sounds like “closed-minded drunk speak”. Larry is implying that it was okay and everybody should go through this kind of mentality to be better prepared for later in life? Well, if that was true, why would we need to change? Why would not knowledge and the code of conduct be imparted equally to all students? What is your solution for domestic violence and abuse?

I really would like to give Larry credit for his efforts, so I am going to say, Larry wants to make a positive difference with me, but he just does not know how and right now, he is digging himself in deeper.

So Larry, if you really want to make a difference, you must first understand the problem, especially when dealing with mentalities, then you must be open-minded and willing to sit down and talk about it. Not just on your terms or “drunk speak”, but there must be efforts made to meet in the middle. Until that happens, the mentality has not and will not be properly addressed.

So far, I have been very professional, patient and discreet with Larry, however, the more Larry phones me about my article, the more Larry relates himself personally to a character within my article.

My question to “Larry GMC Alumni”, who does not want to write nor be identified, is: For what are you working? Are you working to say none of this stuff happened or are you working to make a positive change? Would it be a pleasure meeting you or do I need to bring my boxing gloves, lol? Like I said Larry, it is all about a mentality and your mentality is the epitome of the type of mentality about which I write and you do not want to change. Is it too late for you? That off-colored mentality has destroyed everything for which we have worked, from the bottom up, and the top down. Just look at our economy.

Your generation and generations before have come up with these make-believe enemies. As you can see today, Russia and the likes were not and are still not the enemies. Do you even know who the real enemy is? The real enemy!

You also knock me about attending GMC Alumni functions, but you fail to understand people are at different stages in life. It would be like taunting someone about going to church. I too work with the GMC Alumni, directly and indirectly. As a matter of fact we just got together July 2010, in particular Black Alumni.

Do you ever wonder how we feel? Would you take the time to listen? That does not mean we dislike our old alma mater or the association. How can you or anyone else move forward when you fail to acknowledge the "real problem"? When and where did change occur? Like zombies, we just keep reaching out. What other explanation would we owe you?

Appreciate them while they are in class and want them to look back in a couple of years and realize what was being taught was more than just English! Along with your education get common sense.

Now Larry, you and I can work something out nicely to do together, which is always a plus or the next time you phone me about my article, I am going to curse your “Monkey Ass” out and then write about you. That will be comical, lol. Loyal sons we are? Now, I am open, but not open for "a bunch of the same old professional bullshit".

GMC Alumni Response?

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Comment: Thanks Arthur! You are right on target! C.L. GMC JC 1975

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