Late charges friend or foe

Late Charges, Delinquent Charges, Do you want “nothing”?

Is it human to error? Is it human to be late? Is it human to be delinquent? Some have learn to take advantage of human nature.

Does the punishment fit the crime as late charges soar out of control? Are we all being punished because a few are able to manipulate the system? However, that few are no match in comparison to the growing number of grossly inflated late charges. I know, you can talk until you are white in the face, it ain’t going to change, but I am going to get this off my chest.

Are these late charges out of anger, revenge, gross profits, neglect or are they an incentive to pay on time? What happens when you cannot pay? After 50 years of paying, it has never been said, “Well, Mr. Thomas we know you are going through a financial disaster just like every other human being, so we will allow you to skip (((the next three months)))”. That is just plain old absurd in today’s time isn't it?

How does a late charge help someone who is already struggling financially? I understand late charges were implemented as a means of encouraging people who abuse the system to pay in a timely manner. I also understand service providers may incur late charges due to customers being late. My question is do they understand a late payment is better than “no payment” and adding all those late charges are insult to injury. Increasingly, service providers are getting away with murder? Another absurdity.

For a customer that has a good payment history, legitimate excuse and paid on time for 50 years, does not that count for anything??? Another absurdity! Common sense has gone out the window and stupidity is in. So give up the service if you cannot afford it. There goes some more stupidity! Why should I give up my utilities? And I will not be told the system is infallible, does not make mistakes and every time I am late I must get punished, but every time they are late it is justified. If you tell me that, I will tell you, You are going to burn in hell. That is a fact.

So you think I am looking for something for FREE, I am going to show you who really is looking and getting something for FREE!

Do late charges help or further hinder? How long can you suck an already dry well before realizing there is nothing there? Wherein is the value? In every aspect of our lives, now there are late charges, penalties and fees. You are punished every time you are late, and the room for error is getting smaller and smaller.

Grace periods, do they ever grow? Grace periods have become all but nonexistent while late charges are out of control. Another absurdity!

Late charges have become just another means of sucking our pockets and our economy dry while pundits pile on the profits or should I say, “Grinning like a Chess Cat”.

So to what end can all of this come? Well, is the current late charge system working, by minimizing the number of late payments? No, it is not working. As a matter of fact, these late charges are a contributing factor to our current poor state of economic affairs and conditions. Under these conditions, an already over burden financially strapped people are only being further weighted down by these ridiculous late charges. Hence late charges are more of a burden and a hindrance to getting our economy back on track. Where are their cut-backs?

Even though these over inflated charges are hurting the people more than they help, people have become numb to them and have no other choice. Why cannot politicians see this? How long will we wait before making what is already unconstitutional, unconstitutional – no checks and balances? Nothing from nothing, leaves???

Late charges have become a formless void, throwing good money after bad.

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