Ownership Means What

So what comes along with ownership, do we have it?

white blinking lights

Why do you hate rap music? The humane society! I like those lights! Grinning like a chess cat, Mr. Bob owns it all. I hope donald trump does not read this?

What comes along with ownership? Have you ever owned anything in America? If my taxes are sky high for owning a stone how do the "big boys" pay theirs?

We are so busy laying claim, even have a quick claim deed, but who exactly are we fooling? Now, that we own everything, we have the problem of managing properties and resources. Land and resources are not being properly managed nor shared.

So what are the advantages of ownership? How did we ever come up with such a thing? Again, it is all about power, money and conquering a people. Why cannot those who have amassed such great wealth share? What is so hard about that? Looks like it would be even harder not to share and it is. Do they not realize the devastating affects of greed? Do they not see themselves as greedy, needy and stingy?

With all the homes we have why are people being put out? With all the natural resources we have, created by the people for the people, why are the people being punished with such great prices? We act as if these things are coming out of our ass. I told you we were doing things backwards and there is a great penalty to be paid for neglect and abuse and even though it is as prevalent as ever, we act as if all is normal.

How can this be? This is how stupid we really are. Even though we know we cannot and will not ever own a damn thing on this earth we continue to defy the odds. We ain’t about being generous with shit and do not look like we will change any time soon. We act like we are with all these charitable contributions, but we run right around to the other side and COLLECT. Then, we think nobody knows what we are really doing. Our culture lies-very persuasively!

We call ourselves protecting our children even though proof shows different. We do not curse, we do not smoke, we do not fuck, we do not drink, we do not do pornography, we do not do drugs, we do not do under aged sex, we do not do incest, gay, lesbian, bestiality, adultery, abortion, we do not lie, steal nor kill, we do not do shit above our own understanding of what good is and that is about as warped as it can be. Yet, we frown on those who do.

In our own minds we are all walking around with a halo on even though we know it is not. We live in a materialistically berserk society. This we are training our children. Where is the caretaking, the stewardship?

Though we have the highest rate of rehabilitation to prove we do them, we are still in a serious state of denial. We are the most hypocritical people upon the face of the earth. The best of us cannot be trusted nor depended upon. We will swear on a stack of bibles that we do not and will not tolerate any of these things and more, but they are happening every day. Our jails are running over.

The crazy thing about it all is, all these lies we keep telling to make ourselves look like something we are not are catching up to us. They are self-destructive and create great pressure, under which we must live. There would not be all this pressure if we only “confessed”. Oh no, that is too much like being a human being. We have to set an example for our children, who are born already knowing more than us.

So Art, why do not you move to a better place? As you can see I am in a better place, that is how I can write all this crap. And that is about what it amounts to because people refuse to face facts. They being "you" would rather hear a great investment or GRQ scheme than face facts. Though we own nothing, we keep acting like we do. We are taking this same ownership without strewardship attitude to the grave, which leaves the next generation lacking. How can things ever get straight? So who is responsible?

There is a responsibility whether we own it or not. If we are going to own anything, it needs to be a clean healthy sense of responsibility for those things we do not own.

So what would confessing these things do? Try it, we already know what not confessing them will do.


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