Love and Joy

Making Spirits Bright!

What's real power? Do you need a gun or money? Enhancing, Enriching, Brightening for abundant success and happiness.

your inner kicks off its “Making Spirits Bright Extravaganza”!

We’ve shared everything else, but what about this "Extra va ganza" Spirit? It’s been a very long time hasn’t it and most us today don’t have a clue. We see sharing the spirit as bringing a load of gifts. Then, there are those who just see it for their families, but how wrong they are. Let's show them what the spirit is really all about.

For The World to See, Let your little light shine as we unite with family and friends! Oh what fun it is to ride in “a one horse open sleigh”. Mix it with some holiday cheer, then why do you need beer!

If you love great times, places, spaces; and are interested in Making Spirits Bright then commit to enhancing, enriching and brightening the Spirit of people everywhere. Do a marvelous job of making everyone feel a part of the group, no matter how far away.

Begin the work of becoming yourself, FREE, Bold, Joyous, Merry and Bright. That's WILL POWER! Freedom wills power! Start now, do what you never before did, share your Spirit, not only for the holidays, but the whole year through. Live it!

You have talent, but will receive no measure of success unless you utilize it, then only if you persist.

That's my gift to the world - Will Power.

(((your inner



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