Managing Money


Equates to How do I get paid?

You would think the majority of Americans have already figured that out? However, based on the local economy, this question is fast becoming a reality for an increasing number of Americans.

The picture is a man teaching his young daughter how to put his money in a piggy bank, with his beautiful homemaker wife observing in the background.

AWAKE! How can you do that on low and no income? Which the majority of Americans are? Have you been watching too much TV? The thing is, we used to say get a job, but any more the reality of that is jobs as we know them are quickly disappearing for no known reasons.

Now, that dream is a reality for a certain group of Americans, it has always been a reality for most Americans and I can attest to that. Do we ever take a look around and ask ourselves why? Why are there so many poor neighborhoods. ARe there more poor neighborhoods than rich, why?

So in actuality nothing has changed, except the few people with jobs are quickly losing their jobs and now facing the reality that most of us already knew, but were in denial.

We took jobs to earn more money to get away from "poor dirt farming" and now what?

So what are you going to do?

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How did people live before we screwed up everything a href="">Here is how?

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