Memory and Fallacy

Memory is a fallacy, that's what I am saying.

I know what others say, all about how memory is a building block, like the foundation under a house. Hence, we compare ourselves and compete based upon our ability to remember, and often the more memory, the merrier. We hint that those who can remember most have the sharpest minds. We do all kinds of things to memoralize people and acts committed/performed upon this earth and then? Memorializing and Memorizing?

Let's take God for example, remembering, does nothing, but the actions you take does. Often the person with the worse memory can come up with the best ideas.

I say memory takes no effort. Whatever we did is tucked safely away for the next availble moment. That the energy we spend trying to remember can be better spent enjoying the moment and preparing for the next. Each day is a new day, forget about yesterday, because there are no ABC answers.

I am suggesting that memory, is there and takes no effort. Once you get started, it all comes back.

Here is the fallacy. You can not rely on your memory. That why we write things down. That why we mark routes through unchartered territories. That's why we have maps. Our minds are so cluttered with all this memory stuff, it harder to process new materials. Memory makes for an anxious spirit. Like the memory in a computer, full memory slows the process.

Hush That Critical Voice, dlear your thoughts; a clear and calm mind gives tremendous benefit. The sharpest mind is the mind that comes up with the best idea, at the most appropriate time. Better than memory, get insight.

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