Police, the culture within


Corruption, cronyism and dereliction of duty have seriously compromised the police code of ethics and the ability of police departments, at all levels, to properly perform their public duties.

You have the official police department which has been rendered virtually useless and is subservient to an unofficial, more deviant subculture, within the same police department. You can call it the good old boy network or a click. Because of that, the public image of law enforcement and relations have been significantly tarnished. Respect has been lost on behalf of officers and citizens. There is no trust. Police involvement and presence has been reduced to “an after the fact response only”, which in ALL cases is too little, too late. Their ability to detect and deter crime has been severely hampered. Instead of public servants, law enforcement and the criminal justice system have become public enemies to the citizens they are hired to protect and serve.

The crazy thing about it all is, regular Americans, the very same Americans who hire officers and to wit police officers are sworn to protect and serve, are not supposed to see nor retaliate against this inappropriate conduct. Left unattended, this is very dangerous.

Anything the people say against law enforcement is considered unsubstantiated, but whatever the police says, no matter how ridiculous, is considered substantiated. Currently, to rebut any police allegation is too costly for the average citizen, which works to the advantage of the officer.

Now, it has been my personal experience, that the police, with whom I have encountered have been some very nasty asses, including the black ones. There is only one way to describe my encounters with local police. Really, I fear for my life every time I am stopped. They were wrong and heavy handed; otherwise I would have been arrested. They weren’t thinking, mishandled the case, and were very intimidating and humiliating. If I did not shut-up and take their abuse, I would have been arrested, for no reason. They give police work a bad representation. I have no criminal record and do not intend to have one.

I am writing this article because conduct unbecoming law enforcement professionals, at all levels, plagued police departments and is more widespread than we care to admit. It's degrading and embarrassing. Daily, innocent people are being provoked, abused, arrested and killed. These incidents are on the rise and so is crime. I maintain that the current state of law enforcement and our system of administering justice cause more crimes than they ever solve; and it all starts at the top. The culture within has caused our system of justice to be dysfunctional. Qualitative and factual information to help better understand what is actually happening is being covered up.

Good organizations recognize their problems and weaknesses and correct them, not cover them up.

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