Management of land and resources

How destructive are human beings? Land management and resources are in an URGENT need of repair and so bleak is the picture. what does that mean for your future? What does that say about the way we have been living?

If we are not properly managing our land and resources, what are we doing? Why and who are responsible? Does that mean individuals are not properly managing what they have? Where are the Scientists with practical information, alternatives, on how to better manage our ecosystems-- depleted fisheries, lost habitat, pollution, degraded water quality, over development, increased chemicals, sediment runoff and waste? Why did this oil spill catch us by surprise? Why weren't we properly prepared?

Why is nothing happening? Well, something is happening, but it is just the opposite of what we think is happening. We are in a serious state of denial. The solution is so simple, yet so complicated because of profit over prosperity and business opportunities over a better quality of life-- greed.

Till today man has been working to overcome the forces of Nature; now man is working to overcome his own nature. How can we tell others how best to manage their resources, when we are afraid to tell ourselves? What does that say for what kind of people we are when our own resources are being abused and neglected? Most are so involved in their jobs and daily activities, the true foundation for a better quality of life, land and natural resources are not noticed. Land and natural resources are the basis for the survival of all life forms on earth. Hence, the sustainability of populations and lives of people are jeopardized by the same man, who is claiming to be saving/profiting us.

Where is our focus? What are we thinking? How can we visualize a brighter future? They will never forget us. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. What I am saying is that, properly managed, land and resources will give us more bang for our buck. Who doesn't want that? Many who are now suffering would and will not suffer. There's a lot of power in our hands, when properly managed.

We are quickly running out of places to look for current sources of energy. Where else will we look? Who's going to make the next big mistake, without realizing? Where are the lessons learned from the last oil spill? Are we just learning our life giving resources are limited and now seriously short, as our needs for them are critical and growing? What was the early/first warning signs, where were they?

How can a people build what they do not work, and have respect for what they are not interested?

Using more informed management approaches, land and other natural resources can help balance resources for future generations. Build an information sharing network for land and resources. See land as a community to which we all belong. Profits are made to appear so attractive, all else doesn’t compute.

There is plenty in the world to meet man's needs, but not near enough to meet man's greed.

The market is determined by us, the people, the quality of our products and services, before profit.

What does that mean for your future, nothing if you do not apply it. If we were and still are poor managers and stewarts of land and resources. Just to mention a few, what about people, Love, Life, Time ? Well, we know how good managers we are with Money.

I want a farm.

your inner

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