Power of thought


The Power of thought!

Are you in an Economic and Financial crisis? Is crime at an all time high rate?

Your thoughts create your future. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes. Fearful thoughts attract the very thing you fear. The key to a successful transformation is knowledge of the meaning of the phrase Energy follows thought.

Our bodies are charged with energy – both measurable and subtle. Science has yet to fully admit the human aura is as powerful and real as many Scientists know it is, but that does not undermine the truth of what many have seen and felt over the ages.

Not only are we charged with energy, but this energy interacts with all living things. We have an innate ability to sense this energetic connection with minerals, plants, animals, and each other.

In the not too distant future, political leaders of the world will learn a lasting peace cannot be achieved through violence. Joint outcomes are maximized through cooperation and minimized through competition and antagonism.

We need a Humble Farm Refuge as an example to the world of love, harmony, and peace.

Energy follows thought!

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