Pushing my Buttons

I need to shut up but, before I do?

Don't be afraid to push the button. It's a business about NUMBERS. Do you want your business to succeed?

Do you know your business? Let's say, you got a chance to work with someone who was working their ass off to be successful, what would you do? Would it be another opportunity for you? Would you invest?

I think on the Stock Market, you know you'll have to be able to recognize, pick a good stock when you see it?

All I want to do is to just for one time in the history of America, GET SOMEWHERE. From the bottom up, do the best job I can and get somewhere. No singing, dancing, but by using pure good old fashion Commonsense.

If there a serious need, then supply and demand? What would happen if we educated and encouraged everyone to use good old fashion commonsense, to run their businesses. Can you run a business or home without?

If you knew it was going to hit, would you not pick it because you didn't like it or wasn't interested? IF you could help them become a success, let's say for a 5 percent profit, would you?

Have you failed so many times, you're afraid to invest again? How many do we need to help to be a success? Do they really need us? Do we have anything to offer? So who's going to supervise us? Will we not move without a job application? Do you need to see "your job description"? By who's stands are you going to be rated? Must anyone tell you when you have struck GOLD or BEING A SUCCESS? Why would you ever want to be less?

Innovative, creative, by all means follow your passions, they will not let you down.

It's time to stop waiting and work our business skills, accept this time we'll have to show'em "we own it" and we do "own it", always have and will. Who is them, the ruling class.

Who decides who owns what, master it.

How did they become the ruling class? What were you doing? Did you mean for that to happen?

Invest in your own company? Business sense? Good old fashion business sense?

Who's your publisher? Author? Target Audience? Does someone need to enter in a contract for you to see this? Are we stuck on the wrong things?

If the trap door was open, would you be too conditioned to walk out? Would you feel guilty about that? You either have it or you don't. Is freedom free?

If you gon push some buttons, make them work for you!

(((your inner voice.com)))

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