Recycling is not really. Add plastic to that list.

How wasteful are you really? How wasteful are we?

Most Americans do not really realize how wasteful we really are. Waste not want not. If you are wasting you are always going to be wanting or needing - Poor management of land and resources.

Back then we did not have much and reused everything. Our forefathers thought differently. We took time and care for all things. We passed them on rather than build and buy new.

Today, we have so much, but so many go lacking. So many empty homes but so many more homeless. So much food, yet more people hungry. So much water but even less safe water to drink. We make everything dispensable, throw away, but it never goes away? This has got to catch up with us, sooner or later and from the looks of things, it is sooner than later.

Our thought process, mentality has caught up to us. If the world was to end tomorrow, they claim the only thing would survive would be roaches,,,now add PLASTIC to that list.

We know plastic does not breakdown or return to the earth for 100,000 years, yet we keep making more plastic at an alarming rate. Why are we going to plastic. Are we adding to the burdens of the earth? Shooting ourselves in the foot! What do we have to protect us?

We are just getting started, American in all our infinite wisdon is finally getting the message, but just think if we started years ago? Look at our landfills today! Talk about waster, fraud and abuse.

Recycling is not nearly enough, but it is a start.

Teensy Weeensy


We have got to let you go.

Recession Proof Your LIfe.



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