What does that mean? You and your partner, daily about what do you talk?

Real life business experience ain't no joke! Preparation, Execution, Recovery???

What is your story? As we go through our daily regimen in life, about what do you and your partner spend the majority of your time talking?

Is it about things you do together? What are they? Is it about things for which you can do nothing? Do they tell you, they just want to vent/cry like a baby? Do they excuse themselves by telling you how quite they are? Do they tell you all about how men are fixers and women breakers? Is talking all you do?

Does your partner really know how to survive? Do you practice daily? Or are you all just collecting a check and cruising through life? Are you sharing deep dark secrets, can you? Do they tell you how much money it takes and they do not have to start a business? Do they tell you how much money it takes to start and maintain a family? What is the difference between starting and maintaining a family; and starting and maintaining a business? Either way you and your family has got to eat.

Do you all really know what’s going on? For what are you preparing? What are you executing? From what are you recovering?

Some go through life without a clue. You can say, they never mature. They have nothing constructive to offer. They have got the cart before the horse? They can shut-up talking because all they are doing is letting you down. Is that 545, 300 million Americans or the sum of the whole?

Out of one side, they are telling you how great they are and out of the other, they are telling you how powerless and hopeless they are. Well, you could save a lot of time and effort by putting the last part first.

They are ignorant to the realities of life. So what are they offering you? LOVE is a common answer, but will that help you through your transitions and transformations??? Then, why didn’t that same LOVE save their past relationships? Why did that same LOVE allow our communities and economies to get in such poor state of affairs? We are stupid and all we talk about is “stupid shit”. Shit that we know nothing about and can do nothing about.

We’re always sitting back waiting for someone to hand us something. We boast about how good a manager we are and how good of a job we did working for “the man”, employee of the month,,,and we did all of that in a terminally ill job market. Hell, if you were doing such a good job, would our economy be in such poor state of repair? Classic example of the blind leading the blind. So why can't you do the same for yourself? What about employee of the MOUTH? In the negative sense, That’s why we the people are being taken advantage of. Public service? The important question is, Do you and your partner know how to create jobs? Can you help your company grow?

Does you home run on failed economic policies, are your spending habits under control and can you put "your" people back to work? Real life business experience, do you know how to create and manage a budget, create jobs? Being responsible?

I don’t know, but I think you will agree our leaders are saying “our economy” is in “the recovery phase”. What does that mean?

You know how we are always looking for a cure? How when we cure one thing, it creates another? Same thing with fixing, you fix one thing then another breaks??? Well, such is life,,,,There is no cure! So we can stop patting ourselves on the back, because all we’re doing is getting further and further away from truths. What are the side effects? All we’re doing is stroking our grand mental egos. You know nothing, but they know everything??? That makes you believe, “you have no power”.

Do you know how much "health care" could be cut-back just by eliminating a large portion of the crimes we commit against each other every day? Common sense, that would kill two-birds with one stone.

Affliction, there is no cure,,,but there is a process called HEALING. And it is all a spiritual thing. Being spiritual means being open. The Spirit is upon you, the ideal person. Did you know there are healing powers in humor?

Recovery is a natural part of the healing process. Recovery leads to renewal of the body, mind and spirit. You'll have new ideas and fresh perspectives.

If I am recuperating from an illness, surgery or long-term condition, I can make a significant difference in my own recovery by including prayer as a part of my healing process. As I or someone dear to me moves down the road to recovery, I pray with life-affirming conviction the healing process is at work. The support and solidarity I receive comforts me. So instead of cutting back on prayer, what should we be cutting-back on?

As I make progress each day, I appreciate every phase of this journey and the insights gained along the way.

“This Race Is Going To Be Very, Very Close.” People create jobs, not government! Recovery, I love it, welcome it and embrace it? What’s it?

(((your inner

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