Dives and No Knock Warrants?

Is the term "dive" just a very small indication of a much much greater problem within our Police Departments? Dive, is the term derogatory or offensive in nature? Are dives only located in the ghettoes? Are they any indication how our sworn officials and media are working together? How do our ocal officials view certain homes and areas located within our communities?

What is the justification? Success from the halls of shame.

Being that it is known these are substandard housing/dives, why weren't they fore warned? Why weren't preventative action taken? Why isn't "Known illegal activities" dealt with in a more civil and sophisticated manner and reported to the media? Do we have that capability and do we desire to use it?

Our jails and halls of shame are over flowing. Is this a "setup", "another act of intimidation" or "a legal means to conduct a vicious assaults on local citizens? Is this how we maintain job security? Police are sworn to protect and serve? Does the commander ever ask any civil questions of his people? Does he or she demand the ethical and moral treatment of all people they serve? Why do you take the oath of office? Disease, Abuse, Neglect, Suffering?

No knocks warrants? Why? Why not warn a person or groups of people before you go busting in? They may stop,,,well isn't that what we want. Wouldn't that save a lot of manpower and resources? Or is that acting like a criminal? Looking Forward?

No knock warrants are the type of action and behavior that provokes more dangerous situations and criminal activity. The next time you visit the home of a friend I should consider if it is called a dive or not? I should prepare to be cited for "frequenting a dive" or be afraid to visit "the hood".

Well, if you knew it was a dive, why didn't you do something about it before hand. Preventative maintenace or No Knock Warrants?

Diversity in acceptance?

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Macon Police serve warrants to three houses on Pansy Avenue, arresting 28 people. 28 people were arrested and cited for frequenting a dive.


1. to plunge into water, esp. headfirst.

2. to go below the surface of the water, as a submarine.

3. to plunge, fall, or descend through the air, into the earth, etc.: The acrobats dived into nets.

4. Aeronautics. (of an airplane) to descend rapidly.

5. to penetrate suddenly into something, as with the hand: to dive into one's purse.

6. to dart: to dive into a doorway.

7. to enter deeply or plunge into a subject, activity, etc. –verb (used with object) 8. to cause to plunge, submerge, or descend.

9. to insert quickly; plunge: He dived his hand into his pocket.

–noun 10. an act or instance of diving.

11. a jump or plunge into water, esp. in a prescribed way from a diving board.

12. the vertical or nearly vertical descent of an airplane at a speed surpassing the possible speed of the same plane in level flight.

13. a submerging, as of a submarine or skindiver.

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16. Informal. a dingy or disreputable bar or nightclub.

17. Boxing. a false show of being knocked out, usually in a bout whose result has been prearranged: to take a dive in an early round.

(Slang) A disreputable or run-down bar or nightclub.

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