Sex and specific cues updated

On no, not sex again.

Examine the specific cues that determine sexual desire.

Did you know you had sexual cues that drive you crazy? I didn't either until I got this email. Nobody is going to tell you about them, but they expect you to know.

If I can't have them nobody else will, let's try and resolve that issue.

Are sexual pleasures and desires any different today? Is sex any different today? Do we understand sexual desires, cues and if we did, why would we make them taboo? Science has never been able to solve this mystery. To answer that, we must first determine what people like.

Never in our history have we been able to come up with an answer until the arrival of the internet! Today, there are over 2.5 million adult websites. In the 50’s the Kinsey reports gave us a limited view of a tremendous variety of turn-ons, including bondage, bestiality, and silk stockings but these findings are very much outdated. With the internet, it is finally possible to better examine specific cues triggering human sexual desire. All those things for which we shot Larry Flynt are now readily available on the internet.

The availability of adult information, once considered taboo, is now phenomenal and at your finger tips. And our little innocent citizens do not understand why?

Specific cues? Men are willing to spend money just to look at females, and have managed to turn it into an industry. The more popular pay sites attract an audience of around 75% men, with the most influential male cue being Age—such as teen, young, and mature. This data shows youth dominates male desires and there is a significant interest in older women as well. More than a quarter of all men report their first sexual fantasy as being triggered by a sexy older woman! Women lead the way.

Both sexes can get wildly turned on by situations that are immoral or dangerous, because of their immorality and fear factor. Forbidden acts have a special power to arouse. In sex as well as life, there is overwhelming joy, pain and pleasure, then there is procreation, education and entertainment.

In all our sophistication, we want you to learn but do not have the courage to teach. Consider the learning factor, people really want to watch but for known and unknown reasons they cover their eyes in shame. So out of that shame, we have made the whole act of having sex indecent and forbidden, unless behind closed doors in the dark. “Lord knows” don’t be seen.

We’ve turned one of the most sensual acts of and in nature into a giant spectacle. Speaking of making a spectacle of yourself, if one partner enjoys watching the other perform, that’s fine until they take off their clothes. It’s alright to observe everything having sex, but a human. If you enjoy watching humans you are considered perverted, cuckold and any other crazy name. The same performance that attracted you, after an emotional bond, is now strictly forbidden.

We want you to learn, but we are so ashamed, we do not want to teach, we do not want to see you learn and we do not want you to see us perform. Further, once we have you, we want you to ourselves. Without what we call pornography how else will you learn?

Female pleasure is also one of the most psychological cues for male arousal. In a male way of thinking, the more pleasure a man provides a woman, the more likely she’ll want to have sex with him again.

Taboos on cues that arouse, limits your ability to perform and you are a rookie! It’s okay for them but not you. Be you.

Recreation, no lover’s lane for you. They are dead set and determined not to allow it.

Women respond to a truly astonishing range of cues. The physical appearance, his social status, personality, commitment level, confidence, authenticity of emotions, kindness, height, smell are all important.

Cues can change, resulting in endless variations of sexual identity that defy easy labeling. But it is our sexual cues, our finite, identifiable, biological cues that grant us all the pleasures of sex.

If you cannot experience them with all your senses, then what’s the use?

Why do we treat nudity like something we need to be ashamed of, especially in front of our children? From who best to learn? Should not our children be allowed to experience the purity of love, so they can learn in a loving situation, instead of places like the internet?

Why should we depend on our schools to educate in a subject a personal matter? For those children that do not have parents there has got to be a better way? What's normal in a household?

Why do we leave ourselves so open as to depend on pornography to do our jobs? Change is certain progress is not.

Our cues release us, even as they bind us. Employ your skills.

---Contributed to by BSD.

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