Gifts that bring hope to a hurting society.

Why do you live in a World? Are our socities really hurting? Why? What and where are the borders for my society?

Everybody wants what is most important to them. Mostly it has to do with dollar value. Why are we so greedy? Why do people overdo everything. Is not everything good in moderation?

Here are my questions, What does it take to get what matters most? How do I have to go about it? Will God provide it -- Food, clothing, shelter, transportation?

It all starts at home, with you. How valuable are you to yourself and those around you? What are "your" assets?


Talents and skills?

A key component to knowing your strengthens is knowing your weakness? No man is an island. What are your weaknesses? Why is that? Your strengths are just that, use them to offset your weaknesses. Balance is also a key.

Every little thing has value, even a single ant and if that ant knows his job in life, that's more than most human beings ever experience. Often we can see the value in others, while we miss the value in ourselves. What good is that?

What about yourself? Do you know what skills, talents and gifts you possess? Do you know how valuable they are to the success of the world around you? Did you know we can even "recycle trash for profit"?

So don't give up hope, you are one of the most important members to our society. And that getting easier and easier, the way things are today.

Many want but it has already been given, but they feel they must cheat to get it. It just isn't fast enough, not profitable enough? Not being dependable makes living life excessively hard and confusing.

Don't let that nor them cause you to devalue yourself. True value is in your quality of your work, your life and your character. Now, why do you need to go back to school? Did not you learn the first time? That says our societies are hurting.

With all this school, are we slacking at home? Why are not we able to connect education to home? Our value to society and self are our gifts to our hurting world.

YOur value to society and self?

your inner,,,gone green

Pay Stations?

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