What matters Most

Mixed emotions and I am sorry?

I cannot talk with my partner about what matters most. How did you ever come together?

All it takes is three simple, sincere words.... "I am sorry." Okay, I see. Thank you for sharing a little peek inside your world. That's a good thing. This could happen to anyone.

I honestly don't know how to answer this. I wish we could talk more about what matters. I don't feel I matter.

I was hoping we could at least stay friends. I miss my best friend, my confidant, my partner. I don't understand why it is so difficult to express our feelings. Anger, impatience, insults come all to easy.

I have no plans, but I have mixed emotions. It hurts me deeply and I am humiliated. He says I disrupt his peace and quiet and I'm unclean. Why would you even want someone like that around?

I tell him, I appreciate him trying to make amends. All it takes is three simple, sincere words.... "I am sorry."

If that was the case, this little scenario would be easily resolved. It certainly would not have escalated to this hurtful and painful level.

There is something here, not apparent to the naked eye, causing this relationship not to work and slip off into the wrong direction. Constantly saying, I am sorry is not going to solve anything, to the contrary, it is only prolonging the inevitable.

Better you take time out for a much more meaningful conversation and solution. Neither partners needs are being met. There is lots of talk, but no meaningful conversation, followed by action. That is probably the way this relationship started after each partner got what they were seeking. So, they kept going, doing the same old same old until somebodys' feelings got hurt.

Relationships are quite simple, in that you make it known what you need and want; and if you agree, you put the wheels in action to get it. That is taking a lot of other things for granted, but that is the bottom line. That is how you came together.

Analyze the situation. How and why did you come together? How and why did you get off track? Can you come together to get your relationship back on track? If so, what are you going to do to keep it on track?

Take the appropriate action and keep talking about what matters most.

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