White Folk, No Conscience

Myth or Truth?

Native Americans, Slavery; conclusions can be drawn. Crowds incite mobs, general attitudes and opinions: Treason, power hungry control freaks, Native America genocide, slavery, incest, fork tongues, disease, birth control, ridiculous research, animal abuse, double standards, evil devils… ignorant, callous, cold-hearted people who lack compassion for their fellow-human beings.

Have abortions turned into a method of birth control? In America, The Quakers - French, Dutch, English laid claim, with the Irish, Italian, Polish, German, Jewish being immigrants; the first white man I ever saw was doing what they wanted.

How is all this helping? The idea is to help diffuse all the dissension and hatred between people of today.

I used to think the same way, but now I have learned, it is not about race. Race or ethnic groups ain’t got a damn thing to with it. How do they get away with it? It is not that white people do not have a conscience, but People have no conscience. If they did, would they do what they are doing to each other? It is the people who think they know and have everything, hence having a reason to look down on others.

People need to be more attuned to their own conscience (inner voice) than to societal attitudes.

((( your inner voice)))

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