White Women are Rejecting White Men

Why and for What? White men exposed by white women.

Since white women refuse to date white men who are white men supposed to date?

There was a time when I would have been hung just for writing this. That goes to show you how white men really are. I am not angry nor desiring revenge, but the time has just come. The truth shall set you free.

Throughout the history of America, white men have struggled to widen the divide between black men and white women. White men portrayed themselves as remarkable in every sense of the word and has made himself the standard for all men to follow. He strictly forbid any social interaction between white women and black men until now and has been very successful at doing so. The interaction was so strictly forbidden, for so long, even today it is viewed by many as disgraceful. The white man has always viewed the black man as inferior to anything good and has portrayed himself as the perfect man and husband. And to remain in his good graces, white women also helped carry out gross atrocities against innocent people. A black man caught in a consensual relationship with a white woman, by law of the land, would have been punished, even to death. Many black men have lost their lives for socializing with a white women.

Any white woman caught crossing his racial divide would also be considered inferior, disgraceful and rejected from the graces of the white man. When it was the other way around, there was no problem. For hundreds of years, white men have been able to get away with this gross double standard.

However, today, 2010, the tide has turned and not only has it turned, but the same white women are rejecting the white man.

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it. White women are confessing that while dating, white men are the perfect gentlemen and after marriage, he becomes her master. That their white husbands were one way in public and another at home. In public, he treated his wife like a queen, using money and power to make up for all his shortcomings and insecurities; while at home he treated his wife like personal property and a second class citizen. Today, white women are rejecting this behavior consequently; they are rejecting white men.

White women, not just white women rejects, are confessing that money and power are no longer worth the abuse, ignorance and losing their souls. They want to be free to date or marry whomever and not just who their white counterpart approves. That keeping silent only makes matters worse, and because of all this; white women can better relate to and identify with black men.

It isn't so much a racial or sex thing as it's a behavior and freedom thing. White women have been enslaved by white men, especially in the older generation. We have experienced the same slavery as African Americans. To have children by these men makes matters worse. We must then be assured the children will be cared for. Most women will just stay silent and endure for the children's sake.

Did you know African Americans were allowed to vote in 1870, but it took another 50 years (1920) for white women to be allowed? We are viewed as belonging to our husbands like a piece of property and treated as a lower class.

To find someone that treats me with kindness, gentleness, lovingly is a wonderful thing. Black men know how to do this. They understand. Discussion!

And because of behavior like this, I have always maintained that white folk or the powers to be in America" you are wrong.

Since white women refuse to date white men who are white men supposed to date? White men, just like any other man, has a date with destiny. Right now, that is power and money! The thing is, they think they are the powers to be in the world, especially America and are getting away with actrocities. You have done it all and are out of control.

Further, in many cases, we blindly follow which is ruining things for the rest of us, no checks and balances.

The term "White folks" (white men and women) is a term derived to describe and disguise all the atrocities committed and being committed in the "killing fields of America". George Bush and Condoleezza Rice! Your mentality is pushing folk away and further opening the door to your date with destiny? People are realizing you have "put us on the wrong road home". The question is, Who is left for you to date?

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