Woman get in your place

Where is my place?

Do we really need each other? Help us straighten it out! Does anyone know their place anymore? Well, we know it is not where we once thought. How is a man and woman supposed to come together anymore? How do you teach someone to be on equal footing? Well, how and why do we excuse all the racism?

Yesterday, how did they survive? A man would say things to his wife like this. I am the man, I am in charge here. Woman you better know your place! Woman, you better get in your place! Woman you better get in line! Woman, you spoke out of turn. I am not going to let you disrespect me like this! Bill, you had better have a talk with your wife, she is out of line, you need to straighten her up.

Are those all questions self-respecting men used to say to their wives when the wife did or said something for which they did not approve? He was the head and she was supposed to follow. Just how did that come about? In what did that result? Were men more confident or sure of their place and ability in this world?

Today, women have demanded a change and good so, while no one wants to be treated as a second class citizen. So we know how that happened, but what were the results? Men, today you seem not confident or sure of your place and ability in this world?

So, do we really need each other? Why get married? Well, if we do not really need each other, why all the fussing? Can we really run off from each other? To whom and where are you running to? How do you teach this to your children? How do you encourage them to get along? Do they need each other? What is a family and how far does your family borders extend?

How do we decide, distribute and execute the duties within the home and community? Does everyone just do what they want and no one be responsible? What happens when the job does not get done? Is this the best way to run our country, because the way we run our homes, constitute the way we run our country? So, are we getting better or worse? What are you going to do about it?

Respect, how does it go and respect for what? What on earth is a nice lady like you doing in a place like this? Family Values!

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