Write Your Own Stories

Own It! Fear of the consequences is the number one reason why not and such is life?

I hear horrific stories everyday, all day long. People enjoying talking about serious issues that going on with them, but when encouraged to write, they “clam up”. I am talking about people who are well more talented and qualified than me. When I offer to help them write their story they tell me they just wanted to personally share. How are we supposed to learn from each other? I mean I am doing everything to write my own story, think about the aggravation levels? Why do people want to tell their story but refuse to write it?

Now, here I am a writer with no story, other than my own to write, with people telling me their stories and asking me not to write it. All at the same, they tell somebody else and their story is written anyway? Now, you wonder why we keep loosing. For the privilege of making your story known, you will tell Oprah, The View and local news, but why not your own self? Fear of the consequences (avoid the publicity surrounding your own case) is the number one reason why not. How can you fear telling the truth? You will go through all the interview processes and preparations to entertain and be entertained by mass media, but refuse to obey your own “your inner voice”.

The importance of your stories: They are true! They are educational and inspirational! They are lessons learned! Who could write them better than yourself? Why do you allow your position to stop you from exposing the truth? If you want everyone to prosper, write your own story!

Do you know how inaccurate and twisted information gets as it changes hands? Realize the importance of writing your own story? Your own network, “own it and teach others” to do the same.

Reading and writing, why did we go to school for that? There is also something "magical and mystical" about writing.

Do not know how or where to get started, go here and get started: Real Discussion Real People

And of all the many places you can BLOG It, do it here. Want or need more help to write your story, contact me!

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