Looking Forward

Backwards thinking or Backwards Planning?

How many times have backwards thinking caused you to put your life in hurt, harm and danger? Isn't there enough without? “Backwards thinking” keeps you looking back? Looking back keeps you from looking forward. The more you visualize your past, the less you visualize your future. Can you let by-gones be by-gones?

But "backwards planning" is the only way to move forward. In order for you to get somewhere, you must visualize where it is. Today is your tomorrow, if you are allowed to wake-up and do. Think where it is you want to go and don’t look back from where you are today?

I am so trying to look forward, but my friends keep reminding me to look back, Why? What are we "doing"? Ever experienced that? Your friends want you to know all about their past, what happened yesterday?

My question is: What are "we" going to do? Your thoughts, your actons? What are we going to do about them,,,,then; they answer, "I do not know"?

Created out of love, I use my freedom to experience something different, fulfilling and wonderful in life. I speak my affirmations and hold them silently in my heart. Dives, what's happening in dives?

I do not blame others for my mistakes, nor am I held back by past conditions or circumstances. Therefore, I act with confidence and faith, embracing each new breath as another opportunity to express my spiritual nature. My Spirit is my source to be all that I am and can be, knowing all things work together for good.

Looking forward I can see how everything works together for good. Even though there are trials and tribulations, life continues. I trust my highest good is rising from the situation in that moment, for that is truth. One moment leads to the next, each step deepens my understanding, my fears and judgments are released. Divine order?

"Backwards thinking", marching off to war because I did not know any better, even though you intended harm, hurt and danger, I survived and it did not take me long to learn and understand that all things work together for the highest good and every generation gets better. Let there be war no more - Backwards planning!

Diversity in acceptance?

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