Addiction Expert

Will this help?

An Addiction Expert Weighs In On Healing the addiction.

What is an addiction expert and people ask me what is a Life Coach? What do they do and how much do they charge? How effective are they?

Why do we find it so tough to get off? What is crucial to overcoming addictions? Which Addiction Treatments Work? Hello!

As soon as we get rid of one addiction, there is another. By now, we are inundated with addictions. And with all the tempting advertisement, the next addiction is just waiting for room to move in. Alcohol, prescrit and nonprescript drugs, fast foods, soft drinks, ice cream, cake, cookies, oil, money, sex, designer.., religion, personality, t.v., cell phones, bottled water, the list is endless and these folks ain’t no joke.

Each time you figure one out, up pops the next. They create and distribute products in such a way that they appeal to your emotions, whether you need them or not. When they are finish you will. We swap one miracle cure for another. Is my clean your clean, my sobriety your sobriety?

Do you ever watch over the counter ads? If there was something to stop all my aches and pains, why would not I take it? The problem is there are too many too fast and in there is the addiction. There is always one more cure than aches and pain.

We are made to feel we are never well and is always in need of that helpful little product to get us through the day. Depressing is it not? So let’s go to McDonalds for a happy meal. These people really know how to provide for us what we fail to provide for ourselves. Why cannot you have a happy meal at home?

We talk about marijuana smokers doing nothing, well these folk know, You are also lazy and do not want to do anything, but sit in front of the idiot box, just like they portray people on viagra. How many t.v.'s do you have? And for that, you wish to be rewarded.

At any given moment we are either preparing to enter the next, in or recovering from some kind of addiction and along with addictions come abuse and disorders. So does that tell you how screwed up we really are? We are addicted to addictions. One day breakfast is good for you, eat it every day, then all of sudden the breakfast meal prescribed for you to eat, is now killing you, all the way to the toothpaste. The thing is, this is how we have structured our society. Everything we do is over the edge, if there is a such thing? Even crazier we know it but are not willing to admit. Is that denial or relapse?

So how does the addiction expert fit into this all? Are the addiction experts free of addictions? We act as if we could just freed you from one addiction, we have accomplished something, knowing we have just opened the door to even more. In other words all these programs do is restrain and degrade a person. An even better term has been told to me and that is "hobble a person". One addiction to fix another addiction. I want to look more at the phrase hobble a person.

So can you trust the addiction expert? Is he or she really a good reference for you? Does a car ever stop needing fuel? No, he is just a figure, whereby meeting his criteria you feel you have accomplished something you could and should have done for yourself. How long it lasts is up to you. Addictions are a continuous battle and we all succumb to them. Like I said, your clean and sobriety is not my clean and sobriety. So ultimately, who is the approving authority?

Do we really believe in ourselves? Do we think we have any power to accomplish what we need – will power? Are we just open for the gimmick, he said/she said and peer pressure?

Why cannot we do everything in moderation? You are the only one who knows and decides when enough is enough. Why do not other animals have all these addiction problems?

The question is, where is the strength and room for healing and freeing yourself? Do we really want you to discover that? Do we really want you to learn responsibility and to stand on your own two feet. We say we do, "But" you have to do this first. After twelve years of school do not you think we would have learned the most important aspects of what we wanted to teach?

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