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In what kind of world are you living, how did it get that way and is it where we are supposed to be?

In what kind of world are we living? Is it real or made up? Are we actually doing what we think we are? Are we actually going somewhere?

What good has it done to progress to where we are today? Has it caused more hurt, pain and suffering than GOOD?

You really have to think about things, but it ain't really all that hard when you look at the results today. Can you afford not to?

Can you really afford to do any more toeay than they could yesterday? Do you know even less? Are we really any better off than our ancestors?

Races Have we really made any healthy progress in the races? Do we really want to? Can we afford not to? This not only has to do with race progress, but our progress and mankind. A materialistic world, Don't fool your own self. Presidential Death Threats

We are on a track where we have made significant progress but due to other factors, the same progress has set us back. We have not done a good job at applying our latest inventions to what it is we're supposed to be doing, hence we're facing economic, financial decline and unprecedented crime rate.

How did it get that way? We've develope a total consumer mentality, taking well more than we give. Our dominant values are wealth, wrong health, bodily comfort, sensual pleasures, power, politics, race, religion, legal and fame. The healthy stuff that keeps us connected has worn thin, too thin.

Do you know where we are headed? Or are you following another dead end road? Is this real or is this play? Sign HFR Petition now.

Is this where we are supposed to be? I know you will agree NOT nor where we want to be. Though we have created all this nice to have material stuff, it is not readily available to the general public, it's in short supply, so what good is it? Is it supposed to be "All About We The People"? We are off balance.

What must be done? We are unable to think in any other terms? We must get back to basics. Somebody has to start it and employ the technology of today to turn this ship around. When it works, then we will know.

Step by Step, recreate through recreation or is recreation to Recreate? You cannot lose. We've got to have well more of the stuff you cannot run short on and make more material stuff readily available to the general public. People, Animals, Land = Miracles

That's what I am suggesting with my Humble Farm Refuge.

Please sign my petition now?

(((your inner

Silent Majority are you?

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