Surviving starts with knowing the Basics

Think, take the time and Plan Ahead

Family: Children love, honor, obey and help your parents.

Fire: Friend and Foe.

  1. Respect it. Keep flammables away from it.
  2. How to make it.
  3. How to survive it.

Water: Friend and Foe.

  1. Drink plenty of it.
  2. Learn water safety.
  3. Learn to swim and practice. Fear of water, get over fear of natural elements.

Food: Friend and Foe.

  1. Help to avoid choking and over eating. Stop and take your time prepare and eat. Just eat and pay real attention to what you are eating!
  2. Learn what food grows natural and are safe to eat in your area.
  3. Learn to preserve or put food away for a rainy day.
  4. Learn to grow it. A garden is a great way to teach and practice love and caring. Learn to work with mother nature.

Natural Disaster: Plan and practice. It is too late after the fact. Try camping one time.

Safety: In all matters and at all times. Be aware and alert. Be sharp, horn and heed your senses. There are six of them. Do not forget intuition.

Pay the closest attention to the world around us.

Spirituality: Believe in your faith. Teach and pray together as often as possible. Make it a part of your daily routine.

Home: Is where it all starts. Learn the basics, Communicate, Respect, Provide and Care for it.

Know that love and caring = teaching and learning how to survive.

Expect the Unexpected by planning and preparing.

You never know whose life you may save.

Have fun getting it done.

Old Country Garden 2005

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Attitude Makes A World Of Difference

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