Africans hate Africans


tHERE, I said it and even though you will not admit it, It is the truth. We're nothing but trouble and betrayal.

What good is hating some and loving others? How do you know the enemy? What good is having love and respect when you do not use it?

How can we survive like that? Where are our wise leaders? What is a wretched life of suffering, fighting tooth and nail? How can we betray ourselves, yet be loyal to our enemies? Betrayal to your own family leads to betrayal throughout the world. How can we fix all the white man's problems, yet let ours run "a muck"?

Here in America, we look at Africans like, "What the hell are you doing, what are they thinking"? I am sure it is the same when Africans see African Americans in the media. We are coup d'étated. We've proven beyond the shawdow of a doubt, all we're concerned about and fueled by is MONEY and GREED, the more we get, the more we need and it ain't even our money. African money is no good on the International Market and African Americans ain't even got that.

Africans do not even want to sit or be associated with Africans because they know of the trouble and betrayal we bare. Pressure and tension constantly rising, it is the best we can do to be civil with each other in a social setting.

Our beliefs are, Africans getting too close to Africans creates a sense of insecurity, adverse competition and bitterness. The attitude is, by someone else’s standard, I am better than you and deserve better than you. How can we have dignity and respect for our adversaries and not have it for each other? Again, what good is it when you say it, but fail to practice it? What is LOVE?

It is amazing how we can hold ourselves accountable for meeting the standards of our adversaries, when we could care less about ourselves? Do we have anything to offer to ouselves and the rest of the world, beside slave mentality and labor?

Africans, is there something thing terribly wrong with our own people? None of us knows what tomorrow shall bring. Instead of helping one another, most of us just choose to kill one another, like education, poverty and hunger is not already doing a good enough job.

What about our women and children, on whose guidance do they depend? Where is "our" future? We breed nothing but instability - Trickery and Betrayal.

How blind do we need to become before we realize we are not seeing the bigger picture? Are we not ready to emerge as “world leaders” in our own land? Do we even have land? Or would we rather destroy our own brothers and sisters at home and abroad? Can we get more selfish than this? Can we get more stupid than this? It’s time to stop hating as we are only destroying ourselves and becoming a laughing stock amongst our fellow Africans and the world!

It is a sad day in hell when you see another man with what you think you need. It is even a sadder day in hell when you gave it to them. It is then you know you have sold your sold to the devil.

Dignity and respect for fellow black comrades, leads to dignity and respect in the world. It is supposed to be love, but we only show hatred.

(((your inner

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