The most dangerous animal in the world

I watch animal t.v. sometimes and they are always looking for the most dangerous animal in the world. I see lions, tigers, bears, sharks… but somehow it occurs to me that none of these comes close to being the absolute most dangerous animal in the world. That is cold-blooded, a great injustice and a travesty to all those other animals. The absolute most dangerous animal in the world is just that intimidating.

This animal is a cold-blooded killer, extremely dangerous, resides in populated areas and takes great pleasure in killing anything, especially human beings. This animal is the greatest threat to all human existence, no other animal killed more humans. As a matter of fact, this animal strives on rewards from exhibiting extreme behavior in all areas of life.

This animal is highly territorial. It kills its own kind but eats other animals for food.

Would we be too arrogant to recognize ourselves? Would it be wise? Would it be true? Is it true that you are one of the absolute MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL IN THE WORLD? Does that concern you? Why would any human being want to reside with animals with the potential for such great danger? Is that how it is supposed to be? Is that by choice or by nature?

Is that how powerful or how weak he is? Is that an honor or disgrace?

You know, there is something about denial, would admission mean we are doomed? Deceived, can we change?

What is the difference between the female and male species?


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