Bad Body Odors

Hearing loss, normally, you are the last to know. Is it the same with bad body odors? While sitting at your desk, do you get a little whiff of something?

Especially after sex and failing to wash, it is only a matter of time. Dirty clothes, musty arms, stinking feet, toilet, bad breath, smelly hair, behind your ears, these are all odors that can claim and blame your body. They can make you very repulsive to others.

What about these odors? You smell a little gamey and ought to get in the shower. They are offensive, fowl, rank and unpleasant odors to friends and others. They could be the first indicator to a more serious problem or personal hygiene issue.

Do you care that others find your bad odor offensive or that they may indicate a more serious problem? Do you want to walk around with your fly unzipped or do you perfer someone tell you?

When you happen upon a toilet where the smell is so offensive, it makes you wonder what crawled up them and died.

Bad body odors are signs of potentially greater problems. So, you would want to know about them to take appropriate action.

Eat healthy and practice good personal hygiene.

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Personal Hygiene and Sleeping Around.

What is your body saying?

Cleasing yourself?

Bad breath?

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