Lift our country

the cat amongst many dogs!

In this new era, it is not enough to talk about common ground. We must -- together -- seek it.

I know you must be asking, who is this guy and why is he making such a stink about uplifting our country? He is just trying to scam for a buck. Well, yes you are correct, I am raising money for a farm. But the real question remains, what will happen if we do not find common ground and do not get back to common sense?

To lift our country what must we do? Is it in need of lifting? Then who will do it?

In this new era, it is not enough to talk about common ground. We must -- together -- seek it.

What has happened to our confidence in our own abilities? We must enact common sense agendas that will lift our people and our countries up from this recession and boldly confront the challenges of this new decade. I was raised this way, one of my mom’s favorite sayings was, Lifting as we climb.

People act as if they are helpless and cannot figure it out. Corporate greed hinders us from figuring it out. Therein, people are caught in the middle, well if I do it my own way, I get nothing and if I do it the corporate way, I stand a chance to profit. Well, if we were making a profit would us and our economy be in such a shambles? It does not take an Einstein to figure this out.

The thing is it all starts at home, from the inside out. I wrestle with this mentality everyday and it looks like the more I work the dimmer my light gets, but I know that is not true. Who welcomes the feelings of rejection, but I would much rather be a catalyst for change than a part of this dead end road of corporate greed. As we have proven, there is no future there.

One key group of individuals will be champions of this effort: ((( We know and we will keep this agenda first and foremost. We will do it to gain attention, get a farm and practice it. We are focused on progress -- on growing the economy and adding jobs. They will keep us moving forward, but we know it all starts, one person at a time.

In this fashion it takes confidence and until, we will be just like the cat and dog image above

(((your inner

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