buyer's remorse

What does that mean?

How safe and secure are you in your home?

Who's on guard? Can I feel safe and secure in my home today? Guess that depends on how many security features you pay? How much do you pay for buyer's remorse?

Buyer's remorse, what exactly does that mean? The sense of regret after having made a purchase and is frequently associated with the purchase of big-ticket items. Let's say that purchase is one of largest and most expensive purchases most make, which is a home?

This brings home my safety and security point about being able to feel safe and secure at home? You would think the more we built, the better we got at it, the cheaper? Thought that is true, at the same time, it farthest from truth and it cannot be both.

How do you feel paying too much, to live in a home of far less quality? How does that give you any sense of safety and security when you get home?

There used to be a time when owning a home gave some kind of sense of safety and security. You bought a home to raise a family and protection from the elements and all was fine. Some where along the lines something happened.

The housing market boomed and just as fast and high as it boomed, your safety and security declined. More people are distressed and depressed over trying to meet the bills to stay in their homes these days and that is devastating.

Really, you don't have to buy, renting remorse is just as devastating. The bottom line is you have got something you regret ever getting. Now, how can you feel safe and secure? You may ignore it and that is very dangerous, but does not remove the fact, your home is no longer your good place of refuge, but another contributing factor to buyer's remorse.

People say home is their place of refuge and I just wrote about that somewhere. I am saying our house is no longer a place of refuge because there is a genuine problem with your home.

I don't even think living in a police station is safe and secure any more. And people who feel safe and secure in their homes these days, ain't paying attention. If you listen to them, you will not do what it takes to keep yourself safe and secure?

It's one big fat sink hole for money and shoddy workmanship. There's nothing about it that's efficient and to make matters even worse, we surround ourselves with a whole bunch of junk to keep our minds off the reality of what we just did. Can you imagine paying $700 a month just to have a place to live and that is pretty economical these days? Ridiculous is a better description. Too high! Does not appraise! Cancel My Contract! Predatory lending! Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time! It just ain't right. The whole housing market is “calamitous,” “devastating,” with “catastrophic” effects. Is that save and secure? Does that describe your home?

Prices are so high you feel good just to be able to get in a home today, because tomorrow? I am not too sure what we are trying to do with what we call homes these days, they just get more and more expensive, less quality and time to live there, providing less safety and security.

Today, you work five days a week, hardly ever cook, suffer with sleep disorder and you cannot miss a day or there goes your home and now you know why. How is that safe and secure?

If the economy ain't safe, the country ain't safe, how can the people be safe in their homes? People make up all that and people are literally struggling like hell to survive. Where can they go for safety and security. This is only a great opportunity to address homeland safety and security, and most fold do not know where to start with home land security or Homeland Security. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this very unstable homeland predicament?

Now, maybe you can live under all that stress. Maybe you see that as safety and security at home, but that just goes to show how little you know and care about what's really going on. The cat and mouse, predator and prey game is alive today more than ever.

The safety you are experiencing is a false sense of safety and security and can be better achieved by living in the closest fox hole. I'll take the mountain.

How threatened is your home, one is perceived and the other real? Every single month is a separate battle and we must run the gauntlet. Winning these battles means we pick up momentum. Losing these battles means momentum is lost and we eaten alive. Pretty simple.

Avoid, buyer's remorse, by being realistic, aware, alert, someone constant on guard and prepared for fight or flight!

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