People with money, many of them, their confidence level depends on how much money they have in their pockets? No money and their confidence level drops lower than the average Joe. Kick it up a notch or two, they blame the economy. Well, who is the economy?

Here is the concern from the economy, who because of their selfish attitudes, struggles day to day financially: Who cares. Why? When they were on top, they did not care; they did not spread the wealth with all people and arrogantly stood by, watching the people, the economy, suffer. This is not revenge or so, as much as it is: What goes around comes around or you reap what you sow.

Yes, America today does have a serious confidence problem; however, it is not the economy, the people. There has been no change for the poor, who makes up the large majority of the economy. This is nothing new to the poor, who had no choice. This serious confidence drop has most recently come to fruition in the hearts and minds of the perverse, who had money. They misused it--refused to share.

What confidence is this wherein you trust? It says it right on our money, but really who cares? We just want to get our greedy little hands on more it so we can spend it. Is this your fear, your confidence, your hope, and the uprightness of your ways? What about helping others?

We hear it often, confidence in the market, jobs, investment strategies and so on; all in an effort to strengthen our economy. Helping people is just too simple. That has done little more than further depress the poor. Imagine struggling from day to day, while watching some one who has been rich for decades, fight like lions over $700 billion of our tax dollars. What about faith and confidence in something that gives confidence in return--100%?

I do not claim to know anything, but Confidence in an unfaithful man, in time of trouble, is like a broken tooth and a foot out of joint.

As we slave to put bread on our tables, we the people also pay for representation, we assume, our leaders, those elected to represent and serve us, according to what is good and proper. Today, if not any other day, we can clearly see what the result of that is. The economy has hit rock bottom, because our leaders have miserably failed us. We are not working together and our lives have become a holy terror. We are failing ourselves.

Why, because of too much faith in man, material things and only looking out for "self".

Instead of changing, we go patching up the same old fail systems. What is a bailout? Systems we do not understand and have no rhyme nor reason. We fear separating ourselves from those same old wicked ways. How can a people gain confidence from this?

Faith!-- Grace and mercy, we are given, only if we are confident enough to ask. There has to be a change and the change has to begin with and from within us. We must do this for ourselves.

How can we expect confidence we do not have? Where is our confidence and joy? Is it in what "we" have created or what was created for us?

Is it better to put confidence in God or in man, titles and positions of power? In the fear of the Father is strong confidence and our children will have a place of refuge. Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence!

Your faith can heal, if only you believe.

Sorry, but I had to get it out.....

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