Know yourSELF

Art Thomas

How does living a life marked by strife become more desirable than a life marked by Prosperity?

In the name of competition, we think of life as a nice little game with us at the controls. Now you know why things are so screwed up.

Know thy self and to thy own self be true - what a self discovery? Marcus Garvey and Socrates It took me a long time to become a "free thinker". Though we're all the same, we're all on a different time and mission that connects us all together and there's good reason in the scheme of Mother Nature.

Self first. Be a "big boy/girl" and face your "real enemy. Self, Self, Self, Self is a life long tedious learning process, the longer you take, the more effort it takes. And there is a mighty fine line between self and selfish. A desire to consume more than that which one requires.

How do you take care of self? The head and the heart has to be ONE or heart attack. Each day, see room for improvement and you'll gain self confidence.

My learning point is for me to be more effective, more prosperous in what I do. To do that, I must learn to take "self" out of the picture; and put everyone else in. The more of that I do, the better off I am.

Money and power are my un-surrendered areas. You can say to God or whoever, but failing to discover and uncover them may be what is holding you back. Just look at life around us, we hardly know "up" from "down", yet we keep professing more stupidity.

You can not trust anyone. Disease, disaster....Conflicts everywhere. Unstable economy and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. Why, SELF...

These examples we see from some of our most influential leaders. Really, I could have done a better job. The problem being they get in top positions and forget to take "self" out. Just that quick, they become wicked as the common criminal. We forget that it all starts from within.

Daily there is the constant struggle between self and spirit, getting our own way and mindlessly responding to all the calls for the necessities of life. We want to automate the necessities of life so we can have time to perform the more "mundane" task in life - do nothing. Choosing that lifestyle, we have crucified the spirit and the more of it we do, the worse things get.

What I am suggesting is crucify "self" and allow the spirit to move, making sure you do not just hold it just as an idea in your head or a sentiment in your heart, but work for its' implications in every detail of our life.

That is the way you treat self, by treating everyone else? Coming from a first world country, is not that a better way to spend the riches of the world?

Here is one more little example of how to do it. You did not know nor have anything to do with being born, what talents, what food, what clothes, what country, race and it is the same with dying, Why is it not be the same with living? We were led into this world and we will be led out. Most of the stuff we have done in between has screwed it up - self.

World leaders who worked and lived a spiritual life are much fewer and less acknowledged than those who live a life marked by strife. Supply and Demand, the desire for strife is simply much much greater and more welcome than the gentle humble cry for world peace and prosperity - dignity, honor and respect.

I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

Have Fun and do not forget, if you do not want to be caught-up, remove "SELF"!

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