Dependency becoming more more 4 July 2011


As we celebrate our Independence the question comes, how independent are we? Are we more dependent than dependent? Is that not the wrong way to go?

Independence and Celebrations, would that not indicate we are progressively getting better? Would we celebrate if things were getting worse? What would we do if we actually learned they were getting worse? I do not know which is worse, to outlaw smoking in all public places or not having sense enough to know the difference? Cell phones, lap tops, flat screens, demographics, immigrants, political parties?

I hear people talking all the time about how independent they are. They do not need anybody’s help. How God will provide. How God brought the person of their dreams? How God blessed them with a new house, car, job, money, power? It seems they are convincing the other party how if you just trusted in God, everything is going to be alright.

To a certain extent that is true. You must be faithful. However, to a larger since that is not true, while God has nothing to do with material things and all these things to which we have developed a serious addiction. If we did not make money, there would be none. If we did not make housing so expensive, then it would be a lot cheaper. If we did not poison our foods there would be better health, less stress, disease and obesity.

4 July marks our, watch that “our”, independence from Great Britain and now it has become a National patriotic holiday. Over and over we celebrated implying we are progressing or making even more progress. Today, it is so good we all just feel compelled to celebrate, without rhyme or reason. But this is so confusing because the more we boast about gaining our independence in 1776 and being more independent today, we are lying.

Today; we are more dependent on each other, our corrupt systems and material stuff than ever before. So how can we celebrate more freedom, liberty and justice for all, WHEN IT IS GETTING TIGHTER and TOUGHER EVERYDAY?

The threat of deadly force is ever more present and people are literally prisoners in their own homes. Even though we create more material junk to combat these situations, the fact remains “we the people” are less safe and secure, therefore less liberty and freedom, than ever before. Is that why we have lights, cameras and other security devices everywhere?

So, how dependent are we? Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, oil, technology, medical? How dependent are we on our economy? What makes up our economy? Well it looks like we are a heck-of-lot more dependent on each other and material junk, than we ever will be Independent of each other. How can a country be Independent when its people is more dependent? So where is the independence? And even if we did grow more of our own, we still would be just as dependent on each other, but much more caring, healthy, helpful, respectful and wise.

Our sense of independence for our country has gone from depending on each other, to depending on a machine, hence a false sense of Independence. Further, in order for us to free ourselves, we must create something to do our jobs for us. Most of which is money. We imply, if you can get enough money, the less work you need to do. But is that true?

More concerns, how will you get your money, keep your money and where will you spend your money? Remember when owning your home was the incentive to buying a home because it contributed to your independence, freedom, justice and liberty for all? Now, owning your home makes you more of a dependent slave to “our” system.

How independent are we? Most of our lives we are too young and then too old and in between we are raising families which certainly requires a greater sense of dependency on each other, at which we are miserably failing.

They did it all by themselves. Dependency is a good especially when it is on another human being and not a macnine. If people were made to feel that way, they would feel a lot safer and more secure. And if people felt safer and more secure, there would be much less depression and recession.

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