Doing more with Less

Competing with the minority means silent death to majority?

How destructive are we and what good would it do if the minority was the only survivors? Could they survive, no because they are not surviving now. They are taking advantage of the poor, who never says a word. We might do some crazy shit, but nobody cares.

Competing with the minority means silent death to majority and to our society as we know it. Why do we need more to do less?Am I the proof when I don’t have a pot to piss in, bed to put it under or window to throw it out, yet I am compelled to do more with less?

If I worked for this, why do I feel so compelled??? Has my work been in vain? As a senior, what happened to all my “promised” benefits? If my country cannot do more with less, then how can I?

As prices skyrocket and my income declines, how do I do more with less? Today, people with less are forced to survive on even less. The biggest problem is MASS MEDIA keeps showing me “less people with more”.

How do you cut cost without improving productivity? They are asking the majority to compete with the minority, instead of the other way around? Does that make sense, doesn’t that get me further in debt? Should I?

How can the majority be wrong, while the minority be right? Where is the grading curve? Why are we forcing the majority, which is a much larger group, to fit into the minority, when it should be just the opposite? Trains, does the engine decides where to go or does it depend on what’s in the box cars? Is the minority actually smarter, wiser than all the majority? Is that the problem?

While we are casual in our relationships, we have always been focused in our work. We believe in going the extra mile. Show me how to cut costs while improving productivity, how to be most effective and efficient, instead of the other way around.

Show me a sense of urgency in making improvements, instead of more red tape; otherwise we will continue to perish. Is it better to perish by keep doing stupid shit or to prosper doing more with less - being fruitful.

If you are having problems doing more with less, like me, then click here: How will you think today?

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