Scatter Niggers Scatter

You have everything you need and an empty basket?

Niggers gathered on the corner, holidays, pay days and weekends.

I can’t make it because I am lonely? Why do some folk gather on street corners? Are they homeless? Did you see your parents do it? What’s wrong with the backyard? Is there anything right or wrong with this "big picture"?

Now, just what does all that mean? Can you see yourself? Do you know how distracting and disturbing you are? Why do you put your business out there like that? Do you remember the time and way we used to talk to each other, the things we said?

You have everything you need and an empty basket, what are you going to put in your empty basket? Does it matter if you are black or white?

You know how folk gathered and still do gather on certain street corners? Well, just think if your house was on that corner? Would all them folk gathering outside your house offend you?

Just before dark, they would start to gather and by 11pm there would be so many people and so much traffic from every neighborhood, all in the name of having a good time under the light on that corner. The street light was a signal for some to go in when the light came on and for others, it was a signal to come out.

Now, here is where the problem comes in? Blatant disregard and respect for anyone, especially for those in our communities. My father always said, “Never shit in your own backyard”. Just what does that mean and why? Somebody always had to step back into the shadows for some unknown reason and those shadows inevitably were in the privacy of the house and home on the corner. The noise, trash, traffic, girls and boys; how could they get any rest, peace and quite with all that going on around them, especially on holidays, pay days and weekends? Holidays, pay days and weekends, why do we have them? Are we ready?

Well, everything was alright until the family living in that house had enough. Had they come out and nicely asked us to quite down, would we? If they did, would you listen? NO!

So it had to go down that way. One day, my mama had had enough. She didn’t say anything to anybody and what got my attention was how aggressive my mama was moving and she went into the closet and came out with the shot gun. So guess what we did? We were scared to death. She opened the door, went outside and I heard her say, from the top of voice, SCATTER NIGGERS SCATTER! SCATTER! SCATTER NIGGAS! I heard everybody scattering, running, jumping out of site, getting into cars and just as quick as it started, it was all over with.

Still today those words ring out when I see folk gathered on the corner, SCATTER NIGGERS SCATTER! SCATTER! SCATTER NIGGAS! What's in your empty basket?

(((your inner

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